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She Can Hide

Series: She Can Series (Book 4)
ISBN-13: 978-1477849828
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: 3/18/14
Format: Audio
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Abby Foster just wants a quiet, normal life. The high school teacher left everything about her past behind when she moved to the mountains of Pennsylvania, but only three years after surviving a brutal attack, Abby awakes in an icy river, facing death once again. This time, though, she doesn’t have to face it alone—if she can manage to trust the sexy cop who just risked his life to save her.Officer Ethan Hale’s gut tells him there’s more to Abby’s “accident” than meets the eye. When his investigation uncovers a fresh string of murders tied to her old case, he’s driven to do anything to keep Abby safe. But Abby’s former assailant is in prison, so who else wants her dead?
As a killer shows no sign of stopping, Abby has no choice but to trust Ethan with the truth about her past…and any hope she has for a future.

My Review

SHE CAN HIDE (She Can Series #4), was my first book by Melinda Leigh, and most definitely will not be my last. I needed a sizzling audiobook while traveling, instead of my daily e-reader. Chose this thriller, even though I had not read the other books in the series. Amy Rubinate (Narrator) did a good job with the performance, while maintaining the suspense of the intense novel. This chilling suspense novel could be read as a standalone; however, I most definitely look forward to reading the previous books, to get a little more background. With all glowing reviews, thought I would give it a whirl. Was not disappointed! Abby Foster moved to Westbury to start a new life. Three years ago, she was kidnapped and held in an abandoned well. However, someone does not want her to have a life, new or otherwise. Now, Abby wakes up in her car, which is partially submerged in an icy, raging river in Pennsylvania. She gets out and meets police officer, Ethan Hale to complete the rescue. Abby has no idea how she got to the river or what happened to her in the two hours since she left work to do some running. This accident was planned by someone –but why? Ethan wants to help her but her previous experience with the police keeps her from trusting him. Working as a high school teacher, Abby just wants to live a quiet life and forget her traumatic past – a past that had her locked in a dry well for days before she was rescued. She is not ready to share her past with Officer Ethan Hale. When Ethan and Abby join forces to figure out what is going on they may get more than they bargained for. When the investigation heats up (as well as other areas of passions which ignite), the killer is stepping up the game and very busy. Someone is trying to kill Abby, and this time the stalker seems determined to finish the task! An intriguing story connecting Abby’s present and past, with many dark secrets, making for a surprisingly romantic suspense thriller with strong characters, and one I would recommend to those readers who enjoy a rush of adrenaline, chemistry, passion, mystery, and obsession!





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