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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Home Sweet Home

ISBN: 9781601831156
Publisher: Kensington Books/eKensington
Publication Date: Apr 3 2014
Series: A Southern Comfort Novel ,#2
Format: e-format
My Rating: 4 Stars
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a ramshackle house must be in want of a handyman.” Just because English professor Grace Williams is a woman whose “new” house is crumbling around her doesn’t mean she needs an arrogant, condescending man’s help, even if he does look gorgeous in faded jeans and a tool belt. What she needs is a working bathroom, not a ridiculous crush.
Jake Burdette has no use for the university types who stumble around Willow Springs, with their noses in the air whenever they’re not in a book. He may not be a scholar, but he’s proud of the hard, honest work he does—even if he would appreciate a little more of it. He doesn’t need Grace’s pity, even if he does wish she wasn’t so adorably sexy. They’re all wrong for each other. But Grace’s troublesome house seems to feel differently…

My Review

A special thanks to Kensington Books/eKensington and NetGalley, for a complimentary ARC, in exchange for an honest review.
As a sucker for old historic homes and bed and breakfast inns, when I find both, a new author and a stunning cover with one of my two passions – I go for it!
Both the new found author and the old charming Victorian (known as the Spinster House), did not disappoint. Mix in some historic charm, literature from Jane Austen, a book worm Grace (the English professor), fiasco of remodeling, and some flirty romance with a hunky carpenter, Jake– bingo, a winner.
When Grace buys her first dream house (in dire need of repair), agreed to let her sister (Jane) drive the U-Haul from northern California to Willow Springs, Kentucky, she had no clue or care about meeting a man, especially one like Jake. She has two things in mind – her new home and work.
Handsome Jake, of course has no interest in Grace, due to her stuffy literary profession, until his realtor sister Mary Beth needs his help with a few things at the house. Jake’s business is in flipping houses, updating them and then selling to make a profit while he lives in an apartment over his sister’s garage, and helps pay the mortgage for her sister and husband, Todd. Jake thinks Grace will have her nose in the air, feeling smarter and better than he.
Grace has taken a job at Pembroke to begin the spinster life she desires, with no more distractions or lies from men. What she did not count on was his this guy’s hotness.
Two opposites, (Grace uptight scholar professor type) and Jake (sexy carpenter) with a fun and flirty banter of dialogue sending sparks flying. Of course the old Victorian has a mind of its own trying to put people together in this small town full of colorful crazy characters.
The Spinster House in Willow Springs belonged to a logging heiress (eccentric millionaire), and then left with her new husband before she could move into it. It was scandalous because she built it on one of the out of the way streets so people assumed she was up to no good. A dilapidated brothel-looking house on the outskirts of town with stories of its own.
Fans of Sherryl Woods, Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Mariah Stewart, or Debbie Macomber would enjoy Home Sweet Home, as a sweet romantic contemporary read good for a day on the beach, or curled up on a summer day on a porch swing, while escaping to the world of Willow Springs.
Looking forward to reading Kentucky Home (Southern Comfort #1), as enjoyed the author's contemporary writing style and romantic flair.

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