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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Keep Quiet

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 4/8/2014
Format: Audiobook
My Rating: 5 Stars
Jake Whitmore is enjoying a rare bonding moment with his sixteen-year-old son, Ryan, when disaster strikes.
They get in a terrible car accident that threatens to derail not only Ryabn's chances at college, but his entire future. Jake makes a split-second decision that saves his son from formal punishment, but plunges them both into a world of guilt, lies, and secrecy.
Just when Jake thinks he has everything under control, an outsider comes forward with the power to expose Jake’s secret and taunts him to the breaking point. Lisa Scottoline's Keep Quiet is the powerful and gut-wrenching tale of the unraveling—and the ultimate redemption—of a family.

My Review

As I began KEEP QUIET, this riveting thriller, via audiobook (highly recommend with narrator Ron Livingston), planning on a few chapters before bedtime, (you know just to relax and unwind)….KEEP QUIET hooked me within the first 10 minutes!
No way could I sleep, with my heart pounding, waiting to see what would happen next to this family, hanging on by a thread, in this “on the edge of your seat “ (or bed), intense page-turner! I was glued to my iPod into the wee hours of the morning before finishing. KEEP QUIET is Lisa Scottoline’s best book yet. She is at the TOP of her game with another winner.
Having read many of Lisa’s books over the years, her last book, DON’T GO, (2013) 5 stars (highly recommend) and her latest KEEP QUIET (2014) a definite 5 stars+. Loving her fresh style and subject material, as an engaging and powerful read for a broad audience of teens, parents, adults-- men, and women, offering cutting edge topics, and trendy social media integration. (Love her strong titles with action words).
The mixture of law, family drama, flawed characters, and a legal thriller, combined with moral and ethical dilemmas – quite appealing.
Similar to Carla Buckley’s DEEPEST SECRET (great book), with the same premise of protecting one’s family with a hit and run accident; however, KEEP QUIET had its own unique identity and plot with a different twist, strong characters and emotion. When a cover up begins, things begin to unravel when a stranger threatens to expose creating another yet mystery.
How far would you go to protect your child? How one quick decision to bond with your teen could turn on a dime and ruin the lives of many. This realistic storyline could easily happen to any parent or teen, and Lisa tackles the issues, with emotion and clarity. A fast-paced psychological suspense dramatic novel with the unraveling of one family to the ultimate redemption.
Ideal for book clubs and discussions-- "what it means to be a parent and how far to go, to protect your child and family."





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