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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Never Never Sisters

ISBN-13: 9780451416247
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Publication date: 6/3/2014
Format: e-book
My Rating: 4 Stars
An absorbing, highly entertaining novel about family secrets, The Never Never Sisters introduces you to the strong-willed and big-hearted Reinhardt women, as they reunite one summer in New York. Gifted storyteller L. Alison Heller has written another witty and moving page-turner that will captivate readers and keep them guessing right up until the satisfying end. Sometimes you just need to get away….
Marriage counselor Paige Reinhardt is counting down the days to summer, eager to reconnect with her workaholic husband at their cozy rental cottage in the Hamptons. But soon a mysterious crisis at Dave’s work ruins their getaway plans. Paige is still figuring out how to handle the unexplained chill in her marriage when her troubled sister suddenly returns after a two-decade silence. Now, instead of enjoying the lazy summer days along the ocean, Paige is navigating the rocky waters of a forgotten bond with her sister in the sweltering city heat.

My Review

L. Alison Heller’s THE NEVER NEVER SISTERS, a thought provoking story of addiction, marriage relationships, and family secrets---a powerful and poignant story of healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, healing, and discovering your true self. Paige has a successful career as a marriage counselor with a loving husband Dave. She wants to spend some quality time with her lawyer husband and rents a cottage in the Hamptons for the summer weekends. However, her well laid plans, do not go as she planned. Her husband has been suspended and is working from home. He is secretive and strange, and Paige begins to question and suspect Dave is not being truthful, and could he be doing something illegal? In the middle of her problems, her sister Sloane is scheduled for a visit after a twenty year absence. Paige cannot recall much about Sloane, except she abuses alcohol and drugs and started as a teen, prior to being sent to a rehab facility. It has been so long since Paige has seen her sister, she sometimes forgets she even has a sister. As Paige begins going through items, she discovers the therapy journals her mother wrote when Sloane was sent to rehab. The mother, Vanessa’s journals reveal a different side of her mother---discovering Dave isn’t the only one with secrets. A complex woman, her daughters have no clue about the real person behind their mother. The ongoing theme throughout the book deals with addiction—from different perspectives. Vanessa has feelings of guilt, as she feels Sloane’s problem is because of her side of the family. Vanessa’s father was an alcoholic, and well as Vanessa’s addiction. She refrains from telling her girls about their history of addiction. As the drama unfolds between the relationships Dave/Page, and Sloane/Paige, Paige questions her life choices. A compelling, and powerful story written with humor, wit, suspense, and emotion. Paige discovers she may not know really know, those dearest to her, and over the summer may discover something about herself, along the way. A mix of contemporary, family, and mystery---This was my first book by Heller, and look forward to reading more!

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