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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

A Deadly Business

ISBN: 9781595549044
Publication Date: June 10, 2014
Publisher: Thomas Nelson--FICTION
Format: Other Format
My Rating: 4 Stars
If the hours don't kill you, the accused just might.
Mia Quinn is a Seattle prosecutor working on high profile cases in the Violent Crimes unit while juggling the impossible demands of single parenthood. Her husband, Scott, was killed in a car crash that homicide detective Charlie Carlson now believes was no accident. Charlie's instincts and professional record make it impossible for Mia to refute the evidence she'd rather not believe.
When the powers that be refuse to reopen the case, it's up to Mia and Charlie to investigate, all the while trying to deny a growing attraction between them. Was her accountant husband really in league with nefarious criminals? And who is the young woman whose photo they find on his computer?
Uncovering the truth may hurt Mia in more ways than one.

My Review

A special thank you to Thomas Nelson--FICTION and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
A DEADLY BUSINESS (Mia Quinn Mystery Series #2) by Lis Wiehl continues the suspense, after A MATTER OF TRUST (Mia Quinn Mystery #1) with Mia, a prosecutor in Seattle’s King County Violent Crimes Unit, while juggling the demands of single parenthood. Mia and her children, 14 yr-old Gabe and 3 yr-old Brooke, are still adjusting to the loss of her husband, Scott, an accountant who died in a car accident seven months ago. However, Detective Charlie Carlson wants to re-open the case, as he has reason to believe Scott’s death was not an accident. A compelling crime mystery---as the book opens, there is much drama, as a 22 yr-old convict walks into the courtroom, and knocks Mia to the ground, holding a razor blade to her throat (he blames her for his conviction). Her next order of business is to decide if three, 15 yr old boys, whose actions in a shopping cart case, resulted in severe injuries to a young mother-- should be charged as adults or juveniles. (all in a day’s work). As Mia becomes personally involved with this mother, and the case she faces, she is also dealing with the secrets of her husband, Scott. Did she even know this man? She and Charlie begin an investigation of their own. Piece by piece she is faced with his betrayal which involves the IRS, another woman, his clients, unethical accounting practices, jewelry store, and more colorful characters. As the truth becomes more shocking and the case grows more complex, her husband's killers are focused on Mia and her children. How far will this prosecutor go to learn the truth about her husband—and how far will she have to go to protect her family? I enjoyed reading the inspiration behind this story---the 2011 incident of two teens who threw a shopping cart from a walkway at a NYC shopping center, where a woman was shopping with her teen son (crushed by the cart dropped from four stories). When all was said and done, after weeks fighting for her life, the mother of two lost the use of her left eye and would require daily physical therapy. One of the most miraculous things about this story was that Marion found a way to forgive the two boys who changed her life with a senseless crime. In this case the two boys who dropped the shopping cart were charged as juveniles. This meant that the goal in sentencing was less about punishment and more about rehabilitating the two boys so that they could rejoin their community, make better decisions, and be more mindful of their actions. DEADLY BUSINESS, was a suspense thriller with well-developed characters. I look forward to reading the first book in the series to learn more about Mia-- She was a likable yet flawed character, who balances her work and family with humor and love, while juggling numerous obstacles and challenges. Her high profile career as a public prosecutor does not come easy, as is extremely demanding. The justice system is the arena for Mia’s work, yet she is often asking what justice is supposed to look, as she has to review punishment for wrongdoing, rehabilitation for criminals, and preventing future crimes. Also included at the end, an excerpt from SNAPSHOT, set in Fort Worth, Texas -- What if a single photograph, unearthed after fifty years, is the key to solving a murder? Inspired by actual historical events, and featuring a personal photo and research by Lis Wiehl's retired FBI agent father, SNAPSHOT is set to be her most poignant work to date. Sounds like a winner! This was my first book by Lis Wiehl, and look forward to reading more from this talented author! An ideal book for book clubs and discussions.

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