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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Newport Dreams

ISBN-13: 9780062362957
Publisher: William Morrow
Harper Collins Publishers
Publication Date: 6/10/14
Format: e-book
My Rating: 4 Stars
A Novella Prequel to Breakwater Bay
Geordie Holt has been to college, traveled the world, and hung with the rich and famous. What she hasn't done is find a direction for her life. And her father has given her an ultimatum: settle down and get a job, or he'll get one for her. She loves photography and she loves Newport, so a job as a photographer on a renovation project seems like the perfect choice.
Restoration architect Bruce Stafford has discovered a forgotten mansion, fallen into ruin as an abandoned boardinghouse. Gilbert House is just the kind of challenge he enjoys, and he's managed to assemble some of the best young craftspeople in the business.
Except for one. The historical society has sent an airheaded intern to serve as project photographer. And when he learns Geordie is not an intern but a paid member of the team, taken on as a favor to one of their supporters, he's livid.
Humiliated, Geordie's first impulse is to run, but she's come to love Gilbert House and its history. This is where she wants to be. It's time to face her fears and insecurities and stand up to Bruce and her father. It's time to stop running. Geordie Holt has come home for good.

My Review

Shelley Noble’s NEWPORT DREAMS takes readers to the coastal area of Rhode Island to Newport’s forgotten Gilded Age Mansions, as a novella to for BREAKWATER BAY. (I recommend both books). NEWPORT DREAMS features Geordie (a photographer) who comes to work on a restoration project called The Gilbert House. There she meets Bruce the architect (who has an attitude), Doug (who heads up the project), and two girls who work as preservationist and fund-raiser Carlyn and Meri, featured in Breakwater Bay. Geordie is not like the others at The Gilbert House project, who all work hard and have to pay their own way. Geordie is from a wealthy family, has graduated from the best colleges, traveled the world, drives a nice car, and lives in a corporate apartment and bills are paid by her family. However, she is not happy. She does not want to be controlled by her family. She is a talented photographer. All she wants to do is do what she loves best. However, she cannot make enough money on her own without her parent’s help. She takes this job as a photographer to document the renovation progress for The Gilbert House. She makes friends with the two girls and Doug; however, Bruce has an attitude, and makes it known with his coldness and rudeness towards her. Bruce thinks Geordie is attractive; however, resents her money since he gave up his corporate job to go out on his own, and is struggling. Georgie also has fears of her own, her fear of heights and the fear of trying to make it on her own without her family’s help. These two are actually great for one another and enjoyed these two characters as much, or more than I did those in Breakwater Bay. NEWPORT DREAMS is an engaging read about self-discovery, romance, and starting over and includes an excerpt for the upcoming BREAKWATER BAY. A big fan of Shelly Noble, would highly recommend reading all her books! I enjoy stories of Newport, a seaside city on Aquidneck Island in Newport County, Rhode Island, located about 20 miles south of Providence, and about 60 miles south of Boston. Known as a New England summer resort and for the famous Newport Mansions. A major 18th-century port city, Newport now contains among the highest number of surviving colonial buildings of any city in the United States—an ideal setting for an engaging summer read.

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