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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Tidewater Sisters

A Novella - The Carolina Series
ISBN-13: 9781414396378
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 6/30/2014
Format: eBook
Ppages: 127
My Rating: 5 Stars
Tandi Reese and her sister, Gina, have always been bound by complicated ties. Amid the rubble of a difficult childhood lie memories of huddling beneath beds and behind sofas while parental wars raged. Sisterhood was safety . . . once. But now? Faced with legal papers for a fraud she didn’t commit, Tandi suspects that her sister has done something unthinkable.
With Tandi’s wedding just around the corner, a trip to the North Carolina Tidewater for a reckoning with Gina was not part of the plan. But unraveling lies from truth will require confronting strained sibling bonds and uncovering a dark family secret that could free Tandi from her past or stain her future forever.

My Review

Lisa Wingate’s THE TIDEWATER SISTERS, a novella as part of the Carolina Series (Postlude to The Prayer Box). If you haven’t read The Sea Glass Sisters and The Prayer Box—you are in for a treat, highly recommend. The Carolina Series in order: • The Sea Glass Sisters (Novella) • The Prayer Box (Book 1) • The Tidewater Sisters (Novella) • The Story Keeper (Book 2, Sept 1, 2014 ) • Coming, July 2015 (Novella) • Coming Sept, Sept 2015 (Book 3) The Tidewater Sisters picks from The Prayer Box, with character, Tandi, where she was running from a dangerous past and childhood, finally found solace within Iola’s house, where the letters in those boxes changed everything. Presently, Tandi is living in the Outer Banks of NC, engaged to be married to Paul, a local school teacher, a single mom for Zoey and JT, and works for the Benoit House Museum, overseeing its renovations and works part time at Sandy’s Seashell Shop. Tandi’s life is going great, until she is served with legal papers—a lawsuit (real estate fraud). However, she owns no real estate. After further investigation, her worst nightmare—her sister, Gina. What has she done now? She drives back to her grandparents’ old farm across the Pamlico Sound in the Carolina Tidewater, NC area—she loved her grandparents, which are now deceased and has some good memories, especially her first love, Luke. But then there was the accident. All sorts of weird things begin happening, and more dark secrets are uncovered, when she returns to the farm. One shock after another, and then she has to do the unthinkable…turn in her sister or make things right? Included in the jammed packed novella, bonus excerpts from the past two books, which I have read, and the and exciting upcoming (9/1/14)The Story Keeper, set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I typically do not give a novella a 5 Star rating; however, Wingate is a master storyteller, and even her short e-books are so engaging and packed full of emotion, with her heartfelt stories—making you feel you are reading a satisfying full novel. Wingate combines Christian, contemporary, romance, multi-generational, and family drama into one compelling book. Loving this series and looking forward to the upcoming,The Story Keeper,set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a native of NC, I love stories set in the coastal, Piedmont, and mountain areas of this region. For those of you not familiar with the Tidewater Region – the land along the coast of NC, close to sea level. All the beaches of NC are located here. There are also capes, projections of land into water, on the coast of NC, and lighthouses normally found on a Cape, reduce incidents of collision between ships and the coast. The major streams and rivers from the Piedmont area empty into sounds or the Atlantic Ocean. The Tidewater has eight sounds: Back, Pamlico, Albemarle, Currituck, Croatan, Roanoke, Core, and Bogue Sounds. It has many wetlands, where water covers the land. The Tidewater area in North and South Carolina is the only place in the world where the Venus Flytrap grows naturally.
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