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Dead Line

By Chris Ewan
ISBN: 9781250047076
Publisher:  St. Martin's Press
Publication Date:  08/05/14 
Format:  Other 
My Rating:  4 Stars  
If you're a security expert, what do you do if your fiancée suddenly goes missing, presumably kidnapped?
If you're Daniel Trent, a highly trained specialist in hostage negotiation, the answer is simple: You find out who took her and you make them talk. But what if your chief suspect is taken as well? How do you get him back quickly—and alive—so you can find out what really happened to your fiancée?
Set in Marseille, Chris Ewan's Dead Line is a fast-paced stand-alone thriller that pitches the reader into Daniel's world, as he tries desperately to secure the release of Jérôme Moreau from a ruthless gang in order to interrogate him on the whereabouts of his fiancée. When things don't go according to plan, Daniel must use all his skills and instincts to find the answers he's looking for, but will he be in time?

My Review 

A special thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
Chris Ewan's DEAD LINE, crosses over to the dark side, with professional hostage negotiator, Daniel Trent for a fast paced suspense crime thriller. 
Highly skilled, Daniel Trent, the specialist works in the dangerous field of hostage negotiation...along with his fiancée, Aimee. Aimée, is also his business partner and lover, carrying their child.
When Aimee goes missing, Trent thinks he knows who is responsible and definitely will not be getting the police involved. The plan is simple, grab Moreau and make him talk. He finds himself forced to negotiate the release from kidnapping of the man as he tries desperately to secure the release of Jérôme Moreau from a ruthless gang, in order to interrogate him on the whereabouts of his fiancée. 
However, someone else gets there first grabbing Moreau and finds himself working with Moreau’s beautiful ballet dancer wife- full of emotions and anguish where nothing is as it seems with eyes watching. 
This was my first book by Ewan and he is quite the storyteller, a master at unfolding events at his own pace, keeping the reader on the edge with a cliffhanger ending. An intense read with twist and turns at every corner, keeping you guessing as who to trust. From gangsters, glamour, a trophy wife, plus more for a compelling action packed read. 
After reading the author’s blog, found it quite interesting, his inspiration for the novel set in exotic and intriguing Marseille, mostly narrated in third-person, with extensive research, and set up for this action crime suspense novel. 
Looking forward to reading, Safe House, after reading the rave reviews!
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