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Move On: When Mercy Meets Your Mess

ISBN-13: 9780849964916
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Format: Other
Publication date: 8/5/2014
My Rating: 5 Stars
Offers help and healing as we learn to come clean about the mess we are in an effort to move on to become the person God intended us to be.Life is often messy. God makes provision to help us move beyond our messes but often our first instinct is to hide, deny, ignore, or run from them.
Yet it is in the middle of our mess where mercy shows up and offers a safe place to process our struggles, imperfections, doubts, and fears. Then with mercy by our side, we are able to move on and experience the grace and freedom God intended.
In Move On best-selling author Vicki Courtney helps readers come clean with their muddy messes, revealing the deeper issues they must face, including: Christian snobbery, struggles and broken dreams, the past shame, legalism, the need for approval, idols, and fickle faith.
Once we face our messes, God, with his sweet mercy, can help us to get real, deal, and truly move on.

My Review

A special thank you to Thomas Nelson--BAUGHER and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
MOVE ON is well written, fresh, hip, and so 2014! Highly recommend.
This was my first book by Vicki Courtney, and it most definitely will not be my last! Wow – I loved everything about “Move On!” This book was the most insightful, inspiring, and genuine Christian book I have ever read—Vicki has made it to my top author list!
What an incredible, highly talented, beautiful young wife and mother who speaks from the heart, tacking everyday issues and struggles with humor mixed in.
From the stunning front cover which draws you in, the gripping first paragraph, the amazing quotes, to the realistic examples, and the helpful study guides – I found myself bookmarking almost every other page!
This is the type book you will need to keep on hand for reference and re-read it over and over. The author’s passion, energy, and love shines throughout the novel, as she expresses raw emotion in her personal efforts to help readers clean up the messes we make in our lives, and at the same time help others, and move on to become the person God intended us to be. Very uplifting!
It was quite refreshing to hear, “ it is ok” to bring messes out in the open, rather than hide, deny, or ignore, always putting on the fake appearance; rather to bring our struggles, doubts, fears, and imperfections to light for others to show mercy, while helping others in similar circumstances. We all are guilty of this, as well want to appear strong and positive.
In the end, by showing vulnerability we can help one another, as we are able to move on and experience the grace and freedom God intended. Every struggle has a purpose. (Of course, when we are in the midst of one, we cannot image “what the heck is this for”)?
I commend this author for tacking taboo subjects, which other Christian authors glass over. Sometimes it is not always pretty and glamorous; however, as we peel back those layers, healing begins in ourselves and others.
This is not a book to rush through – Life is tough, so we need help. Move On is meant to be a daily read; a reference, guide, and is equipped with tools to help you be the person you were meant to be. A big wakeup call, a best friend, and a treasured book full of great references, to keep for years to come! I am so looking forward to reading more from this author, and have enjoyed getting to know this author more from reviewing her website! A perfect title.
Loved these quotes about Shame, Guilt, and Mercy: “Shame is not the same as guilt. Guilt is always connected to behavior while shame is always connected to identity. While guilt draws us toward God, shame send us away from God. Ironically, the end result from attempting to bury our shame is yet more shame. Piles upon piles from one generation to another.”
“Shame needs three things to grow: secrecy, silence, and judgment. The logical remedy for destroying its power is to bring it out of the darkness and into the light. We don’t like to talk about shame because it is messy. We bury shame beneath perfectionism, good deeds, and yes, even ministry service.”
“Come out of hiding and take a peek – Mercy is waiting in the pit, to set you free. Only with Mercy by your side can you move on and make peace with your season of suffering. He’s been there all along!”
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