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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins


Publisher: Audible, Inc.
Publication Date: 10/18/2013
Format: Audio
My Rating: 5 Stars
A mysterious little boy has begun appearing in the paintings of a New York City artist who can’t remember ever actually seeing him.
A partially blind, disfigured agoraphobic who suffers crippling panic attacks if he even tries to leave his apartment is forced out by an unseen entity.
A lonely widower begins to suffer terrifying nightmares that his long-missing, presumed-dead son is still alive and in mortal danger.
A young runaway realizes that a man he thought was his traveling companion is actually his captor...and a predator.
The lives of four very different people, driven by different but very powerful forces, crash together as they fight to solve their individual mysteries, to defeat a brutal enemy, and to save the life of an innocent boy.

My Review

DRAWN, another winner by Hankins! A suspenseful thriller, connecting four strangers—driven by different, mysterious forces crossing over to the supernatural/paranormal.
An artist, an agoraphobic, a widower, and a runaway must face the unknown, to solve their own mysteries and save the life of an innocent boy. They share a single shared destiny, while a life hangs in the balance.
Meet the Characters:
Alice, a New York artist, unhappily married – finds solace and comfort in her painting. However, she has been seeing a mysterious little boy and she is drawn to him and feels he needs her to protect him.
Boone is partially blind, a disfigured agoraphobic who has severe panic attacks and never leaves his house; however, now a force is urging him to get out now.
Nathan, is a widower, who has nightmares about his son Jeremy, who served in Afghanistan; however, his body has never been found and he is driven to find him.
Miguel is an eleven-year- old boy, a runaway, suffering from abuse and trying to survive on the streets and meets two wackos, leading him down a wrongful and dangerous path – he desperately tries to escape when he realizes things are not as they appear.
DRAWN definitely draws you into this riveting and suspenseful (INTENSE) saga. I listened to the audiobook and it captured me at “hello”; mysterious, intriguing, and eerie. Some scenes had me holding my breath, especially the scenes with Miguel and Boone. You could feel the panic, the terror, and the raw emotion (award-winning).
I also enjoyed the multi-voices, narrated by Gabrielle De Cuir, Paul Boehmer, Christian Rummel, Vikas Adam, Stefan Rudnicki; very fitting for the respective characters to add the level of intensity and mystery, for an engaging performance.
As Alice follows the force pulling her to follow the little boy, Boone is forced out of his apartment, meeting Alice, a kind and soothing presence. Miguel is on the run from a predator (two of them) with a bag of money, and Nathan is driven by a force he thinks may be his son. When these troubled souls collide-priceless as each is a kindred spirit and fate intersects.
I typically am not wild about paranormal or supernatural; however, I enjoy James Hankins' books, and decided to try DRAWN. I was not disappointed and was pulled in from the beginning, gripping me until the end. (good versus evil) .
After reading Brothers and Bones, Drawn, Jack of Spades and the upcoming Shady Cross, coming Feb, 2015—ALL TOP SHELF.
Hankins crosses many genres; each book is unique and different. Highly recommend them all--an author to follow. As always, enjoy how James informs his readers the inspiration behind the book; adding a personal touch and quite fascinating.
DRAWN very mysterious and intriguing; keeping the suspense high, heart-pounding, page-turner, with exceptional character development, connecting all the players for an explosive and satisfying ending. What a wild imagination!

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