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A Pleasure and a Calling:

ISBN: 0857521888
Publisher: Doubleday
Publication Date: 2/27/2015
Format: Audio My Rating: 4 Stars
You won't remember Mr Heming. He showed you round your comfortable home, suggested a sustainable financial package, negotiated a price with the owner and called you with the good news. The less good news is that, all these years later, he still has the key.
That's absurd, you laugh. Of all the many hundreds of houses he has sold, why would he still have the key to mine?
The answer to that is, he has the keys to them all. William Heming's every pleasure is in his leafy community. He loves and knows every inch of it, feels nurtured by it, and would defend it - perhaps not with his life but if it came to it, with yours...

My Review

A PLEASURE AND A CALLING by Phil Hogan is one dark, twisted and creepy exploration of a man's obsession; a psychological suspense thriller, written cleverly, with dark humor, keeping you hooked until the end.
William Heming, a real estate agent in the lovely and charming middle-class English village, with keys to every home he has ever sold or rented. All kinds of keys which gives him the entrance to many secret lives. He likes watching, observing, and wants to know everything about the people who live behind closed doors. He takes a few things and he may leave some surprises – whatever his twisted mind feels necessary for his overall plan.
He acts as a protector, and as a God-like character, seeking to reward some and punish others. What makes the man behind the keys and chilling behavior? His past? He was forced to leave boarding school with a hint of foul play, a mystery, leading a man to live a chilling double life. Is he a killer?
The novel flashes back and forth from present day to his youth, as he becomes the broker of his real estate firm. There is a back history of missing children, attack at boarding school, and now the constant invading of other lives in the town.
I listened to the audible book narrated by Michael Page, delivering a chilling performance. A PLEASURE AND A CALLING, a psychological thriller which will intrigue you, and draw you into a world of obsession. (nice cover).
As a former Realtor, for years, cannot image doing something like this, as so intrusive; however, Heming, enjoys the wicked thrill, living a double life with engaging twists and turns for a combination of literary, crime, mystery, and psychological thriller. Change your locks!
Looking forward to reading more from this intriguing author.
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