Under Color of Law


By Sylvie Fox

Series: A Casey Cort Novel #2
ISBN:  9781940811093
Publisher: Penner Media
Publication Date:  03/09/2015 
Format:  Paperback 
My Rating: 5 Stars +
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Losing the most high profile case of her career ironically made Casey Cort a winner. Well-heeled clients now knock on her door, and Tom Brody, her rich ex-boyfriend, wants her back. But entry into the upper echelon comes at a price.
The newest assistant United States attorney, Miles Siegel, has set his sights on nailing a public figure he believes to be corrupt: Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge Eamon Brody. But Brody’s brothers, one the presiding judge of the county, the other the state attorney general, aren’t about to let that happen.
When Casey gets retained by single mom Claire Henshaw, to wrest custody from her son’s irresponsible father, Casey handles her first case before the controversial judge . . . and learns something that will force her to make the hardest decision of her life. 
In this continuation of the Casey Cort series, Sylvie Fox—a former trial lawyer in Cleveland—weaves a tale that blends the best of today’s top legal thrillers with the heart and soul of women’s fiction, in a story ripped from real-world headlines. 

My Review 

A special thank you to Penner Media and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
SCORE . . . Sylvie Fox, rocks!  UNDER COLOR OF LAW, (Casey Cort series #2), Fox returns for the second installment delivering a TOP SHELFscandalous, witty, highly charged, suspense crime legal thriller series. In a perfect book world, this is my favorite genre...PLEASE DO NOT STOP WRITING! 

Trouble finds Casey Cort, wherever she goes; a former trial lawyer in Cleveland who works for herself, trying to attain some decent paying clients to pay her rent, and repay her mega student loans and credit cards balances. She is flawed but oh so smart, savvy, witty and a hardworking attorney; she cannot catch a break. A former whistleblower having lost her bright promising future legal career, her rich boyfriend, and her status, while trying to do the right thing, up against a powerful influential political family. 

From QUALIFIED IMMUNITY (Casey Cort #1) a 5 star highly recommend, Casey returns after a high profile case, and now ex-boyfriend wants her back, (yes, the jerk who caused her disaster of a career); dropping her years ago like a hot potato; however, just maybe she can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally she steps into some real cases, ones besides the loser juvy deadbeats; a second chance at happiness? 

However, money, greed and power comes with a price for everyone concerned, from her clients (mothers) fighting for justice in an abusive legal system, while trying to retain custody of their children, keeping them out of foster care, and away from dead beat dads; Can Casey look the other way in her own personal life, or is she forced against her will like the other mothers?

This powerful political family once again is standing in her way; a Judge using his power for sex, a prostitution ring, the FBI, and an ex-with a hidden agenda . . . and to make things even more interesting the cases are connected with dual storylines, and an intriguing new assistant US attorney, Miles Siegel (yum . .loved his character). 

Miles wants to nail the Brody’s and possibly a new love interest for Casey, if he can tear her way from dollars signs and a future she desperately desires. She has some tough moral choices, of right and wrong; however, doing the right thing has not worked out so well for her in the past, and she does not want a repeat performance. 

Casey has guts (even though at times she had me worried), with the help of her witty friends; God, you have to love her and root for her. The scene with Casey and Judge Eamon Brody still has me laughing out loud; besides being a talented writer, and storyteller, Fox could be a stand-up comedian.

In addition to the wit, humor, drama, intensity, suspense, legal writing, and highly charged social issues and abuse addressed; with Fox’s legal background she knows her way around the courtroom; well-developed flawed and quirky characters, and if you love good women’s fiction, and legal crime thrillers get ready for an engaging and satisfying ride. 

If Janet Evanovich can create the Stephanie Plum Series from #1-21 and still going, I am in for the long haul for Casey Cort and her own savvy and sassy "Lulu" . . . You had me from Qualified Immunity (A Casey Cort Book #1)..and SHE is back after Judge Grant- talking "high profile cover-up, corruption, racial injustice, and politics. And oh, so sweet getting skinny and sexy, a new man, kicking ass and taking names." Keep them coming!

OMG, You are killing me, keeping us all dying in suspense with the cliffhanger ending...I am traveling, and stopped at Panera Bread; as was dying to plug in my e-reader to charge so could finish the book. Hope your fingers are flying across the keyboard writing #3 Casey Cort, before the end of 2015. Yes, have 
heard: "In Plain Sight" (A Casey Cort Novel #3) Nov, 2015. 

My suggestions: Bring down the entire Brody clan for good, keep the sizzle with Casey/Miles, more fun from both sets of parents, lovable gay neighbors, maybe more from Judge Grant and her daughter, and as always bring on Lulu!

THANK YOU!  Was delighted with a New Year surprise to see my name at the beginning of the book with a blurb from my review of Qualified Immunity . . . flattered to be chosen as one of the reviewers. 

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About the Author
Sylvie Fox lives in Los Angeles, California and Budapest, Hungary with her husband, son, and rescue pet menagerie.  In spite of her decade in Hollywood, she’s never been on television or in a movie, but still avoids the paparazzi.  Sylvie would love to hear from you.  Find her procrastinating on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and at
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