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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Night Tremors

ISBN: 9781608091492
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
Publication Date: 6/2/2015
Format: Hardcover
My Rating: 5 Stars
Nightmares of the man he killed two years ago still chase Rick Cahill through his sleep. The memory of his murdered wife haunts him during waking hours. His private investigative work, secretly photographing adulterers, paid for his new house but stains his soul.
When an old nemesis asks for his help to free a man from prison, a man he thinks is wrongly convicted of murder, Rick grabs at the chance to turn his life around. His investigation takes him from the wealthy enclave of La Jolla to the dark underbelly of San Diego. His quest fractures his friendship with his mentor, endangers his steady job, and draws the contempt of the Police Chief who has tried to put Rick behind bars forever. With the police on one side of the law and a vicious biker gang on the other, all trying to stop him from freeing the man in prison, Rick risks his life to uncover the truth that only the real killer knows—what happened one bloody night eight years

About the Author

I grew up in the tract home section of La Jolla, California, battling my Irish/Portuguese brother and sisters for respect and the best spot on the couch in front of the TV. I was a sports addict as a kid, but realized early on that I'd never be good enough to turn pro. Or even amateur.

That didn't matter because I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of twelve when my father gave me The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler. Somehow, I smuggled a degree in English out of the University of California, Santa Barbara and decided to write the great American novel. That lasted two months until I realized I needed to eat and I got a job at a restaurant back in La Jolla. After managing the restaurant for years, I sold golf clubs for a decade and then went to work in the sports collectible business.

Thirty years after beginning the great American novel I finished it as a thriller, instead. Yesterday's Echo is the first in the series of Rick Cahill crime novels. Night Tremors, second in the series to be released June 2, 2015. I'm currently working on my next book in San Diego, where I live with my Yellow Lab, Angus. Website Twitter

My Review

A special thank you to Oceanview Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Matt Coyle, returns with his engrossing and complex second installment--crime thriller (Rick Cahill #2) NIGHT TREMORS, a fierce comeback, following Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill #1) with grit, tenacity, suspense, and intensity. A flawed hero with his own demons; one you will find yourself rooting for, every step of the way. As we catch up with PI Rick Cahill, presently with La Jolla Investigations, a former cop with La Jolla PD eight years before, who never envisioned his life now as a well-paid camera jockey, cataloging the weaknesses and bad decisions of others. A snoop. A peeping Tom. A private investigator. He now lies, stands, or waits for people to do what they shouldn’t while clicking and capturing their wrong doings. He was good at what he does. Maybe the best in San Diego. After all he is the son of a corrupt cop, and has to live with nightmares of the past every day and night. Rick had been left with little choices, where eight years prior, he was a young hotshot cop in Santa Barbara. Someone murdered his wife and fingers were pointed at him. Charges were dropped, but he lost his job and out from jail, was working at a bar/restaurant, he hoped to own one day (Muldoon’s Steak House), when he gets tangled up with a reporter and a dark past and dangers from everyone around him. Things go downhill, and now he is forced to go into a different line of work, with his faithful dog, Midnight--starting over. Presently, an old nemesis asks for his help to free a man from prison. Timothy Buckley, attorney wants him to help with the Randall Eddington murder case. His first thought is to turn it down; however, he needs his help and the grandparents remember Rick, and want him on the case. They are prepared to put their life savings into the case to sure their grandson gets a fair shake. The jury has already found him guilty, so Rick feels the kid got what he deserved. However, as Rick knows all too well, cops make mistakes, and Tony Moretti was the lead detective on the case. This of course, makes Rick take notice. Bob Reitzmeyer had worked on LJPD for thirty years and ran his own private investigations firm for another eight. Now Rick is asking for some time off to moonlight on another case, freelancing for an attorney. Buckley, the only attorney he trusted, had warned him about Police Chief Moretti and Bob’s relationship. He wanted to do something besides take bedroom clicks. He and his corrupt cop father had left behind a legacy of disgracing the badge. But setting murderers free? God had the grace to forgive. He didn’t. Jack and Rita Mae Eddington, mid seventies need his help. Their grandson grabbed a golf club one night and beat their son and daughter-in-law to death. He was to help spring a convicted murderer from prison, Randall Eddington? Imprisoned in San Quentin eight years earlier, at age 18, for the brutal murder of his parents and sister, Randall may get a new trial if fresh evidence can be verified. The grandparents want Rick after his fierce tenacity in his former case. They want their grandson set free and want him to uncover new evidence of an eight year old murder case to free their grandson. However, is he guilty or innocent? What comes next is fast-paced action and danger, as Rick’s driven and intense investigation takes him from the wealthy enclave of La Jolla to the underbelly and dark streets of San Diego. All the while his real job is on the line, and now he has to once again face the man who put him behind bars years ago.(Rick does enjoy living on the edge). When Rick is faced with enemies and those who will stop at nothing to keep his client’s grandson in prison, Rick once again risks his life to uncover the truth of the real killer, keeping your head spinning with twist and turns around every corner. Main protagonist, Rick Cahill possesses determination, and courage, fighting against all odds, no matter the consequences, and a plot which keeps on ticking! Matt Coyle is an author to follow, delivering a superb kick-ass taunt series! After receiving the ARC of Night Tremors, I immediately purchased the audio of Yesterday's Echo (Rick Cahill #1), narrated by Nick Podehl, delivering an exceptional performance. Read both. A series, with and an unstoppable character, leaving you anxiously awaiting the next in this exciting crime series drama. “Sometimes you have to do what’s right, even when the law says it’s wrong.”
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