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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Who Will Hear Me When I Cry

Series: Tucker Series #5

ASIN: B01112H1I4

Publisher: Amazon Digital

Publication Date: 7/5/2015

Format: Kindle

My Rating: 5 Stars

In the final chapter of the Tucker series, David Johnson introduces us to a new family – a family in need of the kind of help that only Tucker and her family can give.

Benjamin Trevathan, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, and a speech impediment, is a boy saddled with adult responsibilities in the midst of his dysfunctional home. He provides the majority of care for his younger siblings and for his mother who is sick with cancer. His stepfather stays gone for days and weeks on drinking binges, only to come home to take out his anger and frustration on his family. This family’s nomadic life brings them to the house that Ella used to live in beside Tucker.

Tucker sets her sites on the evil stepfather, while April, who has returned home with her own complications to live with Tucker, identifies with Benjamin’s struggles with being teased and bullied and decides she can help save him from self-destructing. This is a story of simple people engaged in heroic acts, the kinds of acts that change people’s lives.

About the Author

My first career was as a school teacher. I taught high school English and was choral director. After nine years I decided to accept a position as a Youth and Family Minister, which I held for fifteen years.

For the last twenty+ years I have worked as a marriage and family therapist. I have served as the Clinical Director at the Christian Counseling Center of western Kentucky, the Treatment Director at Spirit Lake an alcohol and drug treatment facility. Currently I am practicing at the McKenzie Medical Center in McKenzie, TN.

Approximately six years ago I took a writing course with Long Ridge Writers and completed the course Breaking Into Print. It was then that I found a love for writing fiction. I've always been good at telling stories and fiction is all about having a story to tell and conveying it in an engaging manner.

That's when I began to write a book whose main character is a rural woman living in northwest Tennessee, living on welfare, and raising her three grandchildren. Her name is Tucker. That book has now spawned four more books about Tucker and her family. Over 200,000 copies of the Tucker books have been downloaded and over 2,000 reviews have been posted on Amazon. Read More

My Review

David Johnson, master storyteller returns with his popular Tucker Series with the 5th and final installment, WHO WILL HEAR ME WHEN I CRY, with some much loved old familiar characters, and a new family next door (Ella’s old place), in dire need of some much needed help -- for some laughs, humor, heroes, sacrifices, tragedy, love, and tough life lessons. Having read all the previous four books in the Tucker series, fell in love with the characters, especially Tucker, and recently discovered the 5th in the series was out --was so excited, had to drop everything to move it to the top. Tucker and side kick Smiley are a dynamic duo, strongly reminding me of Tyler Perry’s Madea, and cast with their humor, wit, and drama. As always, David Johnson delivers a poignant heart-felt story, which will touch your heart. Fans will of course enjoy the familiar characters of Tucker, Smiley, August, March, and April, the preacher, and others. However, the novel focuses on a poor family who has moved in next door and in desperate need of help. Wow, what a cast of unforgettable characters; however, was hoping for a book centered around August before it ended. Hard nose Tucker (rough exterior) with a heart of gold (interior) takes the three children under her wing, (she is fearless and protects those she loves), and April with her own drama, problems, and addictions is a mentor for Benjamin Trevathan, the star of the novel. The family is highly dysfunctional, poor, and living a step above homeless, with a no good abusive drunk step father, leaving them with no food. Benjamin, a young teen with Asperger syndrome, is overweight and suffers from a speech impediment. On top of being bullied at school, he has the care of the world on his shoulders. He has a warm altruistic personality, very intuitive ---taking care of his mom who says she has cancer and watches Elvis movies all day--while he takes care of his two younger siblings, and continues to be verbally and physically abused by his stepfather. Your heart goes out to poor Benjamin, not allowed to be a normal teen and when a girl on his bus befriends him, he is smitten and a true loyal friend for life. (what beautiful journal entries)! The family needs help and the Tuckers step in to save this family before they implode. You have to love April’s spunk, even though she does make poor choices, and Tucker is one of the "best-of-the best" (just stay away from her bad side, or you may see the ax). A perfect example: God puts people in our lives for a season, or a reason and this time, there are heroes and those who sacrifice for others. So sad the series is ending, as hoping for more to come! Fans of Bette Lee Crosby and Catherine Ryan Hyde, will enjoy the Tucker Series, as people reach out to help those in need. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. The Tucker series is highly recommended-- also landing on my Top 30 Books of 2014. Tucker's Way #1 An Unexpected Frost #2 April's Rain #3 March On #4

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