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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Willow Brook Road

Series: Chesapeake Shores #13

ISBN: 9780778317661

Publisher: MIRA

Publication Date: 9/29/2015

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods sweeps readers away with the story of a beloved member of the O'Brien family as she claims the life she's always dreamed of Spirited, spontaneous Carrie Winters has grown up under the watchful eyes of not only her grandfather Mick O'Brien, but the entire town of Chesapeake Shores. Now that she's home from Europe, a glamorous fashion career behind her and her heart broken, there seem to be far too many people watching to see if she'll live up to the expectations her family has for her. As if that weren't enough pressure, Carrie finds herself drawn to sexy, grief-stricken Sam Winslow, who is yearning for someone to help him raise the nephew who's unexpectedly come into his life after a tragedy. With her own life in turmoil, is Carrie really ready to take on a new career and a new man? Or is Sam exactly what she needs to create the strong, loving family she's always wanted?

My Review

A special thank you to Harlequin, MIRA, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sherryl Woods returns with her charming Chesapeake Shores #13 series, and the famous O’Brien family, with another heartwarming story of the strong bonds of family, and a budding romance in the picturesque Chesapeake Bay with WILLOW BROOK ROAD —and of course, always nice catching up with familiar characters from previous books. Mick O’Brien, architect designed the adorable cottage with porch and rockers facing Willow Brook for a perfect Chesapeake Shores’ vacation getaway, or starter home for a small family. However, Carrie Winters had been living there alone at loose ends for the last six months. After two years in a high pressure public relations job, Carrie does not like being idle. However, she was too distracted to read and even though she enjoyed cooking, no sense in making anything fancy for one, making her feel more lonely. Carrie ad been in a funk since she arrived and her grandfather Mick was frantic, as the O’Briens do not believe in self-pity. Carrie had been doing just that since her breakup of her last relationship, Marc Reynolds, fashion world icon, which was timed with the crash and burn demolition of her career in the fashion industry— the combination had sent her fleeing from Paris, back to the comfort of her family. She had finally realized he thought of her more as a convenient bed partner and workhorse. Her public relations efforts for his fashion empire had helped put him on the fast track to international acclaim. Unbeknownst to her, his heart apparently belonged to a self-absorbed model who treated him like dirt. She was not interested in a man anytime soon, and could hardly even trust her own instincts. She was spending time taking care of her twin sister, Caitlyn’s little boy, Jackson, while her sister was serving a medical internship at John Hopkins and her husband Noah was running an increasingly busy family medical practice in town. She had volunteered for daycare duty whenever they needed her. Of course everyone wants to know what Carrie is planning for her life. From her cousins, and nosy family members. She really just wanted to be a wife and mom, as Gram was always her role model. Nell, always loved cooking, baking, and taking care of her family. Enter sexy, newcomer Sam Winslow who is raising his nephew, Bobby which has entered his life. His parents died in an accident only weeks ago. Images of him were a little too enticing for her comfort. Of course everyone is involved in her business about this guy. Sam is the new web designer and tech expert for Mack at the paper. Will these two hit it off with their own personal issues and baggage? In between brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces and nephews, a large family and faithful friends, nothing is impossible. Will Carrie and Sam be the perfect match to carry on the O’Brien legacy and overcome all the obstacles and challenges? If you have read any of the previous books in the series, the O’Brien’s pretty much run the town, with the Irish pub, while each of the family members possess numerous talents and qualities. Not too shabby a bunch. They seem to run off to spread their wings with successful careers, world travels, and return home to find a partner, and settle down, plus more. Having read all the books in the series, always nice catching up with familiar characters and old friends. They are growing up fast, always expanding by marrying, and adding more babies with every book. They always seem to gather around the dining room table, so assume it has lots of extensions. For all you Christmas book fans, look for the new Chesapeake Shores novella, Bayside Retreat, coming Oct 27, and of course the upcoming Hallmark channel featuring Chesapeake Shores series and the exciting line up of stars. Fans of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series, Susan Wiggs’ Lakeshore Chronicles, and Mariah Stewart's Chesapeake Diaries will enjoy Woods' small town charm, family, friendship, home, and light romance. Review Links:

News from Sherryl

Big news from Chesapeake Shores, everyone! Jesse Metcalfe, star of shows like Dallas and Desperate Housewives, has been cast as Trace Riley for the Hallmark Channel movie scheduled to start filming in September. And Treat Williams, whom I absolutely loved in Everwood, will play Mick O'Brien. Additional casting to be announced, but be sure to spread the word. We're just about ready to roll!!!

Jesse Metcalfe (SWOON!) Can't Wait!

About the Author

With two other careers to her credit before becoming a novelist and four states in which she's lived for extended periods of time, Sherryl Woods has collected friends and memories, along with way too much unnecessary junk. "The friends are the only things I've brought with me through the years that really matter," she says. "I could probably live without one more chintz teacup, another tin-litho sandpail or another snowglobe, but I need those friends." Author of more than 100 romance and mystery novels, Sherryl Woods grew up in Virginia. Over the years she had lived in Ohio and Florida, as well as California. Currently she divides her time between Key Biscayne, Florida and Colonial Beach, Virginia, the small, river-front town where she spent her childhood summers. A graduate of Ohio State University School of Journalism, Sherryl spent more than ten years as a journalist, most of them as a television critic for newspapers in Ohio and Florida. For several years she also coordinated a motivational program for the more than 8,000 employees at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Her first book, RESTORING LOVE, was published in 1982 by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy under the pseudonym of Suzanne Sherrill. Her second book, SAND CASTLES, under the pseudonym of Alexandra Kirk, was published later that same year by Bantam. She began using her own name when she moved to the Second Chance at Love line at Berkley Publishing. In 1986, she began writing full-time and also began her long career at Silhouette Books with the Desire title NOT AT EIGHT, DARLING, set in the world of television which she covered for so many years. In addition to her more than 75 romances for Silhouette Desire and Special Edition, she has written thirteen mysteries — nine in the Amanda Roberts series and four in the Molly DeWitt series. When she's not writing or reading, Sherryl loves to garden, though she's not at her best on a riding lawn mower. She also loves tennis, theater, and ballet, even though her top spin has long since vanished, she's never set foot on a stage, and she's way too uncoordinated to dance. She also loves baseball and claims anyone who's ever seen Kevin Costner in "Bull Durham" can understand why. Website Facebook






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