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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Tree of Hope

A Mill River Christmas Story

Publisher: Darcie Chan

Date: 12/2015

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars

What a pleasant surprise, a special Christmas gift from Darcie Chan, THE TREE OF HOPE, a Mill River Christmas Story (a short story), available on DarcieChan website. Easy to download and send to Kindle or other formats.

Nicely packaged and presented. I missed this book during Christmas; however, a nice special treat to read before the New Year. The stunning cover draws you in. Darcie always has the best covers. I am a huge fan of gray, white, black and I continue going back to the white Christmas snow scene--mesmerizing! (In South Florida, of course no snow or look of winter --all sunny summer year round). We live vicariously through books or travel in the winter.

If you have read any of The Mill River series, you will enjoy revisiting with characters from her previous books: Josie DiSanti, her two daughters Emily, Rose, son- in- law (Matt), grandson (Alex), and of course Aunt Ivy. They are gathered together, putting up a Christmas tree. A fun creative way to put up a large tree, infused with gratitude, reminiscent of their first Christmas when coming to town back in 1984.

The times were not easy back then with all the tragedy and trials--Josie was starting over with nothing but her two girls. However, she was grateful to have aunt Ivy, who had been loving and supportive, even though they were virtually strangers, when she had first arrived in Mill River with the girls.

A witty, heartwarming, nostalgic holiday story of a tree as it relates to life and reinvention. Problems can be overwhelming at times. It takes drive and determination. A woman who had her mind and heart set on making a success. Starting from nothing; overcoming tragedy, staying strong and determined. For the first time she could see a path after their father had died and building a life for them, even if it seemed impossible at times.

She still thinks of the tree as her special "TREE OF HOPE!" Thank you, Darcie for this nice holiday gesture. Looks like we may be seeing another upcoming book in The Mill River series!

Highly Recommend, The Mill River Series: Landing on my Top Books of 2015 “Best Women's Fiction/Suspense Series of 2015".

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