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Just Fall

Just Fall

ISBN: 9780553394856

Publisher: Random House

Publication Date: 3/22/2016

Format: Hardcover

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Balanced on the razor edge of moral ambiguity, this sexy and seductive debut novel asks: How can you find out that the person you love is a killer…and continue to love him anyway? Perfect for fans of Karen Rose, Sandra Brown, and Erica Spindler.

On the night of her wedding to Rob, Ellie’s perfect world suddenly collapses. Her suave, charming, sophisticated husband is not the man she believed him to be. Could he really be a killer?

Ellie is rapidly swept into a lethal vortex of betrayal, lies, and uncertainty: Who is the man she married, really?

And how far will she go to protect him?

From Manhattan to the Caribbean, Rob and Ellie struggle to escape the grip of Rob’s former life - a life his employers are determined to ensnare him in for good.

When faced with a terrible choice—to become a murderess herself to save the man she loves, or to let him die—Ellie’s decision propels her into a whiplash-paced adventure, filled with cinematic twists and a startling sense of unease.

My Review

A special thank you to Random House and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Screenwriter, Nina Sadowsky delivers a chilling dark tale of suspense---good versus evil, JUST FALL two damaged people desperately seeking redemption. The novel opens with a letter from Rob to darling Ellie with instructions, his love, and an “I’m sorry”. An island. A wedding day. From Manhattan to the Caribbean, they had known each other that long. Secrets. A couple. Bride and Groom. Rob’s admission was sudden, bizarre, terrifying. Insane words. Why? Flashing back and forth (now and then) readers learn the backstory of Ellie and her husband Rob and the detective. On the night of her wedding to Rob, Ellie’s perfect fantasy world suddenly collapses. Her charming, sophisticated husband is not the man she believed him to be. Could he really be a killer? Now, does she have to become a killer in order to save Rob? Love can be deadly. Consequences. People are dying. Accidents. Murders on the island. Boys missing. From lies, love and betrayal, Sadowsky delivers a fast-paced twisted seductive debut --the lengths one will go to protect. From psychological suspense, intrigue, and mystery -----with an array of secondary characters, along for the ride to the finale “Next.”

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About the Author

Nina Sadowsky

Nina R. Sadowsky's eclectic career has spanned work as an entertainment lawyer, a producer, a film executive, a screenwriter, a director and a film professor. She has written numerous original screenplays and adaptations and done rewrites for such companies as The Walt Disney Company, Working Title Films, and Lifetime Television.

She is currently serving as adjunct faculty at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts program, teaching both script development and producing. She has also served as adjunct faculty at Syracuse University's Semester in L.A. and has been a frequent guest lecturer at Columbia College Chicago's semester in L.A. program. Sadowsky is also proud to be serving as a mentor for the Humanitas Prize's New Voices initiative. She is also excited to be newly accepted into International Thriller Writers, Inc.

She is recently married to businessman Gary Hakman, with whom she shares two children and two stepchildren, living proof that a second marriage is a trumph of optimism over experience. Read More

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