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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins


ISBN: 1455581208

Publisher: Grand Central

Publication Date: 8/16/2016

Format: Other

My Rating: 4.5 Stars #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sandra Brown jolts the reader from the first page of this heart-pounding story of corruption, treachery, and ceaseless deception . . . where nothing is what it seems and every truth brought to light exposes a darker lie. When Jordie Bennet and Shaw Kinnard lock eyes across a disreputable backwater bar, something definitely sparks. Shaw gives off a dangerous vibe that makes men wary and inspires women to sit up and take notice. None feel that undercurrent more strongly than savvy businesswoman Jordie, who doesn't belong in a seedy dive on the banks of a bayou. But here she is . . . and Shaw Kinnard is here to kill her.

My Review

A special thank you to Grand Central and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Savvy. Sexy. Sultry. Suspenseful! Bestselling talented "queen," Sandra Brown returns following Friction, on my Top Books of 2015 (Best Romantic Suspense), with yet another action-packed crime thriller and romantic suspense, STING. An unlikely couple on the run hiding out; with plenty of danger, apprehension, hot sizzling sexual tension, and “signature Brown” twists and surprises. In the boondocks of south central Louisiana, we meet Jordan Elaine Bennett totally out of place in a local dive watering hole, situated on the muddy banks of a sluggish bayou. Inside the blue collar smoky bar, we meet Mickey Bolden (soon to die), and Shaw Kinnard. Shaw is the hitman hired to kill. Women regarded Shaw with either speculation or flat-out invitation. Men gave him hard stares, which he returned. Sexy Shaw had a way about him. Locals understood Jordie was off limits to riffraff. She was unapproachable. With her body and face, she could make just about any man’s mouth water. Shaw had been hired to kill her. She may be more valuable alive than dead. Jordan is the owner of Extravaganza, a much sought after event planning business in New Orleans. She was sister to, and only living relative of Joshua Raymond Bennett, a much sought after crook. However, Shaw has another plan. He kills Mickey and abducts Jordan. Jordan wonders why she was not killed as well. Why is he keeping her alive? Everyone is after the $30 Million Jordie’s evil brother has stolen, included FBI, Special Agent Joe Wiley. Shaw wonders why Jodie was in the bar. Someone sent her. Mickey was a link to Billy Panella and the thirty million dollars, and a suspect in numerous unsolved homicides. Now no one, not even the feds are protecting Josh from Panella.Does Jodie know her brother's whereabouts? From the moment Josh determined that his best option was to make a deal with the federal government he’d begun preparing for the day he would renege on it. Over the past six months he could have outfoxed his guards and fled, but he had waiting until the hubbub surrounding his turning FBI informant, had died down.

Josh finds out about his kidnapped sister. Josh had double-crossed both the ruthless Billy Panella, and the federal government. Now a fugitive. To make matters worse, Panella had threatened go to after his sister, if Josh ever betrayed him. Of course, he is thinking only of himself. Panella, sadistic, maintained control of Jodie's brother by preying on his weaknesses and insecurities. He had a second chance and blew it. At the same Jordie had relaxed her vigilance, until she saw Mickey and Shaw and now she wonders why he has waited so long for revenge. The FBI is not happy about their star witness welshing on the deal. No one can figure out why Shaw, bad ass killed his own partner. Who is really Shaw Kinnard? Will he kill Jodie and collect his money, unless she can escape. Two dead guys in Mexico, Mickey Bolden, and now an abduction. Jodie’s thoughts of her brother are conflicting, suspending between loyalty and resentment, anxiety and agitation. Why had her brother done something so stupid? Everything he did was self-serving. There is more to Shaw than Jodie knows. Is he trying to protect her, harm her, save her, or seduce her? No one does sexual tension with plot twists and turns, better than Sandra Brown!

Fans will devour the tantalizing page-turner, mixed with wit, mystery, suspense, and plenty of high "adrenaline" adventure!

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Sandra Brown has 80 million books in print. None is in a series. Here's why.

Sandra Brown

About the Author

Sandra Brown is the author of sixty-seven New York Times bestsellers, including Friction, Mean Streak, Deadline, Low Pressure, Lethal, Rainwater, Tough Customer, Smash Cut, Smoke Screen, and Play Dirty.

Writing professionally since 1981, Brown has published over seventy novels and has upwards of eighty million copies of her books in print worldwide. Her work has been translated into thirty-four languages.

Her episode on truTV’s “Murder by the Book” premiered the series in 2008. She appeared in 2010 on Investigation Discovery’s series, “Hardcover Mysteries.” Television movies have been made of her novels French Silk, Smoke Screen, and Ricochet. Read More

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