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Silver Threads


Memory House #5

By: Bette Lee Crosby

ISBN: 9780996921459

Publisher: Bent Pine Publishing

Publication Date: 9/14/2016 

Format: Other

My Rating:  3 Stars 

On the day Jennifer Green was born a pile of stones was placed alongside her scale of life. A few were the dark gray of sorrow, but most were a pale blush color.

The largest stone was the rose hue of a sunrise. That one would be placed on the scale the day she married Drew Bishop. Even more brilliant but a wee bit smaller was the pink stone glistening with specs of silver. That one would bring Jennifer a baby girl named Brooke. The Keeper of the Scale smiled. Seeing such happiness laid out before him was pleasing to his eye.

Since the beginning of time, he and he alone has been challenged with the task of keeping each person’s scale in balance. A bit of happiness and then a small stone of sorrow, until the lives he has in his charge are measured evenly. 

You might think such power is universal, but it is not. There are silver threads that crisscross the landscape of scales and connect strangers to one another. Not even the Keeper of the Scale can control the events traveling through those threads; the only thing he can do is try to equalize the balance once it has been thrown off. There is nothing more he can do for Jennifer; now he must find the thread that leads to Drew if he is to have the love he deserves.


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My Review


A special thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Bette Lee Crosby continues her Memory House Series following Baby Girl (2016) with SILVER THREADS (Book 5) - the keeper of the scales. A silver thread that crisscrosses the landscape of scales and connects strangers to one another. 

Not even the Keeper of the scales can control the events traveling through the thread. The only thing he can do is try to equalize the balance once it has been thrown off.

From Clarksburg, Alabama (2013) Jennifer Bishop – the wrong place at the wrong time. Two people dead in a chance encounter. What brought her to this circumstance? 

Drew Bishop received the call about his wife while traveling. The drugstore, a robbery. Dead. How could someone so alive be gone? A baby girl, Brooke. A daughter to raise. A wife was gone. His job traveling for work, calling on clients, attending conferences. Now his own responsibility. There was no one else. Jennifer’s parent’s lived in California. No one on his side. Brook deserved better. She needed a mother. 

Rewind thirty-six years ago in West Virginia. Eddie Coggan. Another story and connection here. How did the person robbing the store happen to be there when Jennifer arrived? 

From Drew and Brook, their lives are torn apart between the heartache of the memory and his desire to give Brooke some much-deserved happiness, he tried to remain upbeat – there were reminders. The drugstore was a constant reminder. 

Where in God’s name was the fairness? When had he stopped taking care of his family? The what ifs? However, what troubles lay ahead?

The Keeper of the Scales find balance and then without a visible cause sorrow began to outweigh the new stone. The Keeper trying to remove the stone he had placed on the scale. There was nothing he could do to change the course of events. 

In the blink of an eye, things change. Lives can be weighted with sadness too heavy to be balanced by even the largest stone. Could destiny be left to fate?

Since the beginning of time, he and he alone has been challenged with the task of keeping each person’s scale in balance. A bit of happiness and then a small stone of sorrow, until the lives he has in his charge are measured evenly. 

Flash forward to The Love Potion – The Memory House Innand catching up with Annie (previous books). A little girl trying to get a potion for her daddy to fall in love and get married, so they could all live together. 

Elizabeth is at the Memory House Inn and is in need of healing. Brooke and Elizabeth meet and instantly form a friendship. Will the scales change once again? A story of loss and love. A road to healing. 

Fans will enjoy catching up with Annie, Oliver, and Ophelia from previous books, as the stones begin to change. Not one of my favorites in the series. Did not particularly appeal to me or connect with the story. Not as deep or thought-provoking as some of her previous books. 




About the Author


USA Today Bestselling and Award-winning novelist Bette Lee Crosby's books are


"Well-crafted storytelling populated by memorable characters caught up in equally memorable circumstances." - Midwest Book Review


The Seattle Post Intelligencer says Crosby's writing is, "A quirky mix of Southern flair, serious thoughts about important things in life and madcap adventures."


Samantha from Reader's Favorite raves, "Crosby writes the type of book you can't stop thinking about long after you put it down."


"Storytelling is in my blood," Crosby laughingly admits, "My mom was not a writer, but she was a captivating storyteller, so I find myself using bits and pieces of her voice in most everything I write."


It is the wit and wisdom of that Southern Mama Crosby brings to her works of fiction; the result is a delightful blend of humor, mystery and romance along with a cast of quirky charters who will steal your heart away. Her work was first recognized in 2006 when she received The National League of American Pen Women Award for a then unpublished manuscript. She has since gone on to win nineteen awards for her work; these include: The Royal Palm Literary Award, the FPA President's Book Award Gold Medal, Reader's Favorite Award Gold Medal, and the Reviewer's Choice Award.


Crosby's published works to date are: Silver Threads (2016), The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd (2016), Baby Girl (2016), What the Heart Remembers (2015), The Loft (2015), Memory House (2015), Passing through Perfect (2015), Wishing for Wonderful (2014), Blueberry Hill (2014), Previously Loved Treasures (2014), Jubilee's Journey (2013), What Matters Most (2013), The Twelfth Child (2012), Life in the Land of IS (2012), Cracks in the Sidewalk (2011), Spare Change (2011). Read More


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