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Wishing on Snowflakes


Publisher: Joanne Demaio

Publication Date: 10/4/2016

Format: Kindle

My Rating: 5 Stars Blog Tour Host Oct 25 From New York Times bestselling author Joanne DeMaio comes a keepsake collection, bundling two of her prior wintry novels to settle in with as the snow falls. So turn the page and open the decorated door onto a storybook New England town ... where candlelit homes and cozy shops are aglow with comfort and joy. And where wishes on snowflakes really do come true.

Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes:

Vera Sterling, while restoring a historical house and old Christmas barn in her cherished Connecticut hometown, finds herself falling for tragedy-scarred Derek Cooper. When a blizzard strikes, will all be made right on a stormy winter's night? An enchanting novel about love, family, and the delicate power of snowflakes.

Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer:

Along the snow-dusted streets of quaint Addison, Jane March and Wes Davis open their hearts to the magic and possibility of the season. A charming tale about a greeting card designer who's lost her jingle, and a jilted mailman whose cold winter heart is about to thaw.

My Review

From one of my favorite long time authors - Joanne DeMaio brings fans and new readers the perfect holiday keepsake WISHING ON SNOWFLAKES, featuring two of my favorite Christmas stories in one book. Who could ask for a better gift! Both books would make a great Hallmark Christmas movie.

Step into a winter wonderland!

SNOWFLAKES AND COFFEE CAKES, takes you to the small New England town of Addison Cove, CT, for a heartwarming white Christmas, of love, family and the power of snowflakes.

Vera loses her boyfriend and her job as a journalist at a Boston newspaper and decides to return home for her sister Brooke’s wedding. While there, she finds an Old Dutch colonial home for sale with an old Christmas barn which took her back to her childhood. She decides to buy the property and begins restoring the house and barn and discovered the prior owner’s letter and lots of Christmas treasures. She takes on some freelance jobs and is enjoying this quaint little town and all it has to offer.

While she is shopping for supplies at the local hardware store she meets Derek, a quiet man who has lost his daughter Abby from an ice covered drowning in a pond around Christmas time. Each year in memory of his daughter, he hosts an annual Deck the Boat light show.

Between Brooke’s love for baking and Derek and Vera’s growing love, there is much in store this Christmas as the holiday approaches. Combined with a snow storm, healing, unexpected love, and bringing an old business back to life – the Christmas spirit greets this small quaint town.

Joanne Demaio

SNOW DEER AND COCOA CHEER a magical story filled with humor, which will warm your heart; where old-fashioned nostalgia, meets contemporary enchanting- setting the mood for an unforgettable winter wonderland love story, second chances, and special holiday wishes.

Jane March, single, age 33-- has lost her jingle. A greeting card designer for New England’s Cobblestone Cards, she has a broken arm, at the worst possible time, as the holidays are approaching. She returns to recuperate at her mom Lillian’s farmhouse in Addison. (an artist). She has set up an office at her mom’s house and is not finding what she needs to begin a new line of this season’s cards. No inspiration. She is fresh out of ideas, and worries she may lose her job. Her boss has agreed to allow her to work from home; however, he is expecting new and exciting.

Then one day she finds an old box of charming wintry watercolors from her mom’s collection, adding snow and balsam garland and twinkly lights to the white picket fence, and other details on her computer generated to enhance the program, adds a few jingles, and she begins to feel a spark. She sends off the samples to her boss and he loves it. Now he wants more. When asking her mom for help she leaves her an “I INSIST List”. She tells her daughter she needs to get out of the house and visit places within the quaint small town. Every canvas of hers was painted straight from her heart. Experience the setting, memories, the people, nature, and inspiration will come. She has to LIVE IT!

Wes Davis, her mom's postman is not a happy person. He was engaged to be married to Shelia, and she backed out a few days before the wedding. Now he has lost his apartment, and moves home to Addison, to live with his dad in the old Victorian family home. He dreads all the small town people and their sympathy. He has to hear all the “I’m sorry”and regrets from everyone on his mail route.

Jane is unable to drive and difficult to get around without the use of her arm still in a sling. It starts with the postman. She needs the postman to deliver her work to the door versus walking to the mailbox. They begin to communicate by leaving one another notes in the mailbox. If she needs a ride, or a desperate trip into town or other things on her mom’s list, she leaves a desperate note and puts up the red flag. They soon look forward to packages and special notes from one another. Every day is filled with anticipation-- it could be a word, a trinket, one line, a note, or a question about an upcoming date. It is all about the red flag.

When a possible exciting job offer comes from his friend, Wes is torn between the girl, who may have stolen his heart, and his new dog Comet, the magical town, to the pull of escaping this town for new opportunities.

Mesmerizing. Magical. Quintessential New England style. A beautiful Christmas love story of second chances. Loved it! Refreshing. In today’s world of social media, where everything is digital, we lose the intimacy of handwritten notes, and nothing better than an old-fashioned mailbox with special deliveries.

Two wonderful holiday stories to get you in the spirit! With special snowflakes and the scent of pine needles wafting through the air, and a charming town, with family and new friends that seem to have stepped out of the pages of a storybook– Romantic, Magical, and Whimsical. Where special treasures await! A perfect gift collection.

Take a look at Joanne's website (so inviting)! I want to be there NOW. A winter holiday wonderland. Especially if you reside in South Florida where there is "no chance" of snow in the forecast, ever.

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Joanne Demaio

About the Author

JoAnne Demaio is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary fiction. She enjoys writing about friendship, family, love and choices, while setting her stories in New England towns or by the sea. Joanne's novels include the New York Times bestseller Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans; Whole Latte Life, a Kirkus Reviews Critics' Pick; Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes, a USA Today bestseller; True Blend; The Denim Blue Sea; and Snow Deer and Cocoa Cheer. Her latest novel is Beach Blues. Joanne lives with her family in Connecticut and is currently at work on her next book. Read More






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