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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

The Ridge

ISBN: 9781503943933

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: 4/25/2017

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 3 Stars With its manicured lawns, pastel houses, and quiet, tree-lined streets, Willow Ridge seems to be the perfect place for Megan and Tyler Stokes to start a new chapter in their lives together. But soon after settling in, Megan begins to notice cracks in the neighborhood’s bright suburban facade—cracks that reveal a darker secret hidden just beneath the surface. After an angry encounter with a neighbor takes a horrifying turn, Megan’s waking nightmare truly begins—growing ever more chilling and bizarre with each shocking twist. Suddenly forced to question everything around her, Megan finds herself trapped between the specter of madness and the shadow of something far worse. Her only hope is to expose the community’s pretty lies and discover the truth about what is really going on in Willow Ridge—a truth so devastating that her life will never be the same.

A special thank you to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for an early reading copy.



It’s no spoiler to say that this blend of horror and thriller sets its hook deeply and doesn’t let readers escape.” —Booklist

“Willow Ridge is a weird place, with weirder characters, and an even weirder agenda. Do yourself a favor and read all about it.” —Night Owl Reviews

“The Ridge is a creeping, pitch-black window into a suburban America like nothing you’ve ever read. The suspense builds with every sentence and you know something is deeply wrong with this neighborhood, and yet nothing will prepare you for the mind-melting final pages.” —Blake Crouch, international bestselling author of Dark Matter and the Wayward Pines Series

Praise for the International Thriller Award Winner and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author John Rector:

“It’s time to get on board, before Rector stops being ‘the next big thing’ and becomes the phenomenon he deserves to be.” —Los Angeles Review of Books

“John Rector is quickly becoming a master of suspense and drama.” —New York Journal of Books

“…one of the very best new writers to enter the scene in a very long time…John Rector is a game changer.” —Spinetingler Magazine

“[Rector’s] consistent excellence in storytelling is already proving his calling card.” —Books and Writers

“Rector brings some really impressive writing and strong characters into a genre that is often teeming with contrived, cringe-worthy dialogue and flat, unoriginal characters.”—Baltimore Reads

“John Rector writes a lean, mean mystery.” —Lincoln Journal Star

“Rector’s gorgeous, streamlined prose goes down like a fine single malt.” —Blake Crouch, international bestselling author of Dark Matter and the Wayward Pines Series

“Swift and savage and smart, Rector [writes]…superior pulp in the grand James M. Cain tradition.” —Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition


About the Author

John Rector

JOHN RECTOR is the internationally bestselling author of the novels THE GROVE, THE COLD KISS, ALREADY GONE, OUT OF THE BLACK, RUTHLESS, and THE RIDGE. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and won several awards including the International Thriller Award for his novella LOST THINGS.

He lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Read More







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