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Elevator Pitch

By: Linwood Barclay

ISBN: 978-0062678287

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication Date: 09/17/2019

Format: Hardcover

My Rating: 5 Stars +++ Top Books of 2019 Author Q&A Sept 17 The New York Times bestselling author of A Noise Downstairs and No Time for Goodbye returns with an edge-of-your-seat thriller that does for elevators what Psycho did for showers and Jaws did for the beach—a heart-pounding tale in which a series of disasters paralyzes New York City with fear.

It all begins on a Monday, when four people board an elevator in a Manhattan office tower. Each presses a button for their floor, but the elevator proceeds, non-stop, to the top. Once there, it stops for a few seconds, and then plummets. Right to the bottom of the shaft.

It appears to be a horrific, random tragedy. But then, on Tuesday, it happens again, in a different Manhattan skyscraper. And when Wednesday brings yet another high-rise catastrophe, one of the most vertical cities in the world—and the nation’s capital of media, finance, and entertainment—is plunged into chaos.

Clearly, this is anything but random. This is a cold, calculated bid to terrorize the city. And it’s working. Fearing for their lives, thousands of men in women working in offices across the city refuse leave their homes. Commerce has slowed to a trickle. Emergency calls to the top floors of apartment buildings go unanswered.

Who is behind this? Why are they doing it? What do these deadly acts of sabotage have to do with the fingerless body found on the High Line? Two seasoned New York detectives and a straight-shooting journalist must race against time to find the answers before the city’s newest, and tallest, residential tower has its Friday night ribbon-cutting.

With each diabolical twist, Linwood Barclay ratchets up the suspense, building to a shattering finale. Pulsating with tension, Elevator Pitch is a riveting tale of psychological suspense that is all too plausible . . . and will chill readers to the bone.


Elevator Pitch

My Review

“Sharp-witted, ingenious, frantically suspenseful and compelling... Thriller fans will eagerly turn the pages to see what happens next with heart-pounding anticipation—while recalling the book every time they step into an elevator or stairway. (I do) A stunner. I devoured it!" —@JudithDCollins #JDCMustReadBooks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thriller fans get ready for the ride of your life!

The Elevator May Be There, But You Better #TakeTheStairs

From his spine-chilling trilogy, Promise Falls Top books of 2017 with more twists than we could imagine to A Noise Downstairs My Top books of 2018 a haunting psychological thriller with a man haunted by mysterious sounds from a typewriter. His latest: Brilliantly crafted with dynamic characters, ELEVATOR PITCH, is an action-packed, high octane adrenaline-fueled psychological thriller with a “Stephen Kingish" revenge plot that is award-winning. Top Books of 2019 I cannot wait for everyone to read ELEVATOR PITCH—😍 both fascinating and frightening! Diabolically clever and full of spellbinding menace—told in Barclay's signature suspenseful style. NYC is being terrorized by someone who is sabotaging elevators.

Barclay unfurls a shocking saga of murder, deception, and revenge, over the course of a week, from Monday-Friday until the killer is revealed in an explosive ending. Set in Manhattan, one of the most vertical cities in the world — and the nation’s capital of media, finance, and entertainment. There seems to have a serial killer. A terrorist? Or an Elevator Executioner? The elevator is to vertical movement as the automobile is to horizontal movement. The book opens on a busy Monday morning in an elevator in a busy office tower. As the people enter, the respective buttons are pushed; however, the elevator proceeds non-stop to the top. Then DROPS. To the bottom of the shaft. Everyone is shocked by this tragedy. Was it an elevator malfunction, or someone more sinister? Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, it occurs in another building. Another catastrophe. What was thought of as an isolated elevator malfunction, has turned into concern for a terrorist? Is someone or another country targeting NYC? How can someone control the elevators? What is the motive? How are the buildings chosen? Mayor Headley will have no other choice but to shut down all of the elevators until this situation has been addressed. However, there is a huge event on Friday evening and they must have the elevators working since it will be on the 98th floor and Top of the Park or the event will be canceled. Then a body is found on the High Line and the fingers have been removed. Why? There is also a taxi cab bombing and a group called the Flyovers. Do all of these relate to one another or just a way to sidetrack them from the elevator killer? Friday is the big event for the elite and Manhattan’s finest at Top of the Park which turns into a horror. A nightmare. Nothing can prepare you for the events which will unfold. Someone is controlling every move including the elevators. Who will wind up dead and will anyone make it out alive? All the players will be in attendance, but nothing is at is appears up until the gripping explosive ending where all is revealed. A deadly precisely planned revenge plot. Many years in the making. Karma is a bitch.

“Actions have consequences. Maybe not in a week, or a month, or even a decade. But all the things we do, the decisions we make, the way we treat people, it all becomes part of the equation. Eventually, things have a way of balancing out.”

A super line up of dynamic characters:

  • NYPD detectives Jerry Bourque and Lois Delgado detectives are on the case. Love these two together and another storyline with Jerry, traumatized by a recent event, PTSD, panic attacks, and his inhaler.

  • Lois is his partner and she is a riot. Linwood really brings out the humor with these two. (hope to see them again in future books).

  • Mayor Richard Headley has a lot of enemies and a past. He has run over a lot of people to get to the top. Of course, now his city is in havoc and he is not in control. Richard dislikes Barbara, the journalist but respects her in many ways.

  • Mayor’s Assistant Chris Vallins which is warming up to Barbara a little appears to be loyal to his boss.

  • A mysterious elevator tech.

  • Glover, Headley’s estranged son who works for him and a bit of a mystery.

  • Barbara Matheson (loved her). Smart and kick-ass. A columnist for Manhattan Today. She does not trust Mayor Richard Headley. She is self-confident; however, she does feel guilty about not raising her daughter and trying to make some peace with their relationship.

  • Arla, Barbara’s daughter which was raised by her grandmother. Now Arla is taking a job working with the Mayor which Barbara thinks is a way to get back at her. Glover and Arla become friends.

Twisty and surprising, as entertaining as it is heartrending with plenty of action for thriller fans. You will never look at elevators or the stairs in the same way after reading ELEVATOR PITCH. The author skillfully keeps readers guessing with his unreliable narrators and its many shocking, jaw-dropping, twists and turns. In addition to the suspense, thrills, action, sabotage, manipulation, and the “killer” revenge plot, the author combines his signature humor, plus some strong human emotions, crossing moral lines. One theme, in particular, “Parenting dynamics.”Relationships are explored in-depth between mother-daughter, father-son, and mother-son, providing a superb balance. Readers: You "must" get the print version as well as e-book and audio. Set in Manhattan, starting with Day One Monday's elevator tragedy, thru Friday's explosive finale at the Top of the Park: Each section draws you in with a striking elevator image similar, to the one I use for my interviews. It WOWs. 🙌 If you have followed my book blog the past six years, you are aware Linwood is one of my favorite male thriller authors (an avid fan). Linwood Barclay, Michael Robotham, and Michael Connelly are "tops" in my book. I read everything they write. Ironically, they come from a newspaper background and in my age range. Linwood continues to be on my "Top Books of the Year" 📚 list, year after year, and he never fails to impress. Delivering unique, highly entertaining, intelligent, suspense-filled, and jaw-dropping creative stories. What a vivid and wild imagination! Elevators have always been a mystery to many. Each time you step into one, you are giving them control. Some people have fears, dreams, phobias, feel claustrophobic, and panic about a mishap or tragedy. We all dread the many stops in today’s busy world and having to interact with others and the out-of-order days. I have read that working on elevators is more dangerous than riding them.

I highly recommend ELEVATOR PITCH for fans of the movie “Elevator” (2011) and the hit series (2019) “Pearson” (love this show; a spin-off, of “Suits”). After reading, you will see why. Can't say much more without spoilers.

  • (Linwood's Elevator Pitch's) NYC Mayor Richard Headley and Assistant Chris Vallins meet (Pearson's) Chicago Mayor Bobby Novak and driver Nick D’Amato.

  • If I may dream here for a second—it's a girl thing: Powerhouse (Pearson's) Jessica Pearson meets (Linwood's Elevator Pitch) Manhattan Today's Barbara Matheson. I picture these two classy, intelligent, and chic ladies having martinis together.

  • Now add to the mix (The Good Fight's) Diane Lockhart, and (Suits') Samantha Wheeler —and you have four "killer" powerhouse career women (plus to die for designer clothes, shoes, and hair). I can already envision this, so get ready for the big screen. Right? I guess you can tell I enjoy powerful women and legal/political dramas.

  • Harlan Coben fans and readers who enjoyed Megan Goldin’s “The Escape Room” (view my Q&A here), will consume this one. Linwood's ELEVATOR PITCH (black box) is to Ruth Ware's "Turn of the Key" (smart house). Both spine-chilling.

Q&A With Linwood Barclay

Trust me, once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down.

Be prepared to call in sick. This is one wild and dangerous ride of greed, obsession, and revenge— with a surprisingly twisty conclusion you do not see coming. Binge-read and movie-worthy. Readers, highly recommend all Barclay's books. I have read them all with the exception of his memoir (check out the video). I purchased Last Resort and sitting on my iPad ready to read next! I have pre-ordered both his kid's books for my grandson. These make great gifts. I am still trying to figure out how to watch his movie "Never Saw It Coming" starring two of my favorites: The fabulous Eric Roberts and "Schitt's Creek" Emily Hampshire. If anyone has this answer, let me know. Stay tuned: Very excited: Coming 9/17 A Q&A Elevator Ride with the Author.

The "master of manipulation and suspense” will be sharing share more about his exciting “knock-out” thriller, ELEVATOR PITCH with some behind-the-scenes exclusives. We also have a fun (safe) and thrilling elevator ride (we promise not to throw you down an elevator shaft). Also, some "fun facts" about the acclaimed author, US tour dates, and high praise from the King. In the meantime, check out the fabulous book trailer video to get you in the mood.


About the Author

Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay, a New York Times bestselling author and with nearly twenty novels to his credit, spent three decades in newspapers before turning full time to writing thrillers. His books have been translated into more than two dozen language, sold millions of copies, and he counts Stephen King among his fans. Many of his books have been optioned for film and TV, a series has been made in France, and he wrote the screenplay for the film based on his novel Never Saw it Coming. Born in the US, his parents moved to Canada just as he was turning four, and he’s lived there ever since. He lives near Toronto with his wife, Neetha. They have two grown children. Read More







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