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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

A Familiar Sight

Series: Dr. Gretchen White #1

ISBN: 978-1542027342

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: 08/01/21

Format: e-book

Kindle First

My Rating: TBR

A shocking murder carries echoes of the past for a psychologist in a startling novel of suspense by a Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author.

Psychologist and criminologist Dr. Gretchen White is a specialist in antisocial personality disorders and violent crimes. She’s helped solve enough prominent cases for detective Patrick Shaughnessy that her own history is often overlooked: Gretchen is an admitted sociopath once suspected of killing her aunt. Shaughnessy still thinks Gretchen got away with murder. It’s not going to happen again.

When a high-profile new case lands on Shaughnessy’s desk, it seems open and shut. Remorseless teenager Viola Kent is accused of killing her mother. Amid stories of childhood horrors and Viola’s cruel manipulations, the bad seed has already been found guilty by a rapt public. But Gretchen might be seeing something in Viola no one else does: herself.

If Viola is a scapegoat, then who really did it? And what are they hiding? To find the truth, Gretchen must enter a void that is not only dark and cold-blooded, but also frighteningly familiar.


“A horrific brew for readers willing to immerse themselves in it.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“A strong plot and unforgettable characters make this a winner. Labuskes is on a roll.” —Publishers Weekly

“A Familiar Sight has everything I crave in a thriller: a shocking, addictive female lead, unexpected twists that snapped off the page, and an ending that made me gasp out loud. I never saw it coming, but it was perfectly in sync with the razor-sharp balance between creepy and compelling that Labuskes carries throughout the novel. This is a one-sitting read.”

—Jess Lourey, Amazon Charts bestselling author

About the Author

Brianna Labuskes is an Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of psychological thrillers. She lives in Washington, D.C., working for media organizations that cover the minutia of Capitol Hill and the White House.

Labuskes is also a proud alumna of Penn State University. When not working, she can be found getting wrapped around the fingers of her two nieces. Website

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