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Series: Casey Cort Legal Series #10

Pub Date: 09/15/2021

Publisher: Moore Digital Media

Format: e-book & paperback

My Rating: 5 Stars ++ (ARC)

He said. She said. He’s dead.

Nicole Long is one failed breathalyzer away from unemployment.

Lulu Mueller’s dream man is turning into a nightmare.

Casey Cort is facing her first murder case, but her client is mute.

Abused is the next installment in the high stakes Casey Cort legal thriller series. If you like strong women, gripping crime investigation, and stories ripped from the headlines, you’ll love Aime Austin’s page-turning fiction.

Casey Cort Legal Series

Do not miss this one. Aime has some special announcements about an upcoming new series, and we go behind the book,

the series, and the author!

Q&A Elevator Ride with Author Aime Austin

Sept 15th

My Review

Master storyteller Author Aime Austin returns with her razor-sharp, highly entertaining crime/legal Casey Cort thriller series following the cliffhanger in (#9 Poisoned) that will answer the burning question in this riveting final tenth installment (#10 ABUSED). Her best yet! Hang on for a wild ride.

"Intense, captivating, satisfying!"

I LOVE THIS SERIES! If you love savvy, smart-driven women, intelligent well-written legal and crime thrillers infused with highly related characters and wit, this series is for you. The author perfectly balances personal and business; darkness and light; good and evil.

Now, my wish would be for Casey Cort to hit the small or large screen! 🎬 What a killer series this would be! #Bingeworthy

Hang on, Casey Cort fans, you will also receive an unexpected jaw-drop that answers a question from the first book (#1 JUDGED 2014) in (#10 ABUSED 2021). Casey is once again in the middle, and you are going to be thrilled at more than one happy ending with difficult decisions and an intense murder case. She is a character to root for to the explosive ending. Will she finally catch a break?

The author takes us back to Cleveland, Ohio with Attorney, Casey Cort. Casey is asked to consult with a large firm on a murder case due to her experience with several high-profile cases.

This is Casey’s first big murder case, which happens to be a (white) prominent mother and estranged wife (artist), charged with killing her (black) abusive well-known architect husband. Her daughter, about to head off to college, texted her to pick her up at the dad’s house. An argument breaks out.

You have the daughter, wife, and girlfriend at the scene of the crime. A dead man on the kitchen floor in his home. The murder weapon is a cheese board. (who knew a cheese board could be so deadly).

Now, Casey must use her street-savvy instincts, and her investigative, legal, and criminal investigating skills and expertise to find the real killer and solve the murder with a conviction. She needs a win. The accused is not talking, leaving readers to wonder if she is protecting her college age daughter or is she guilty?

We also meet Nicole, the opposing counsel, who has some serious baggage and a bad drinking problem. Her job is on the line and her final chance. She must get a win. Her boss may not give her another chance. The pressure is on.

The author also brings back Nicole Long from previous books with a big role in ABUSED. She was the prosecutor in Caged. Later, she’s in charge of the Grand Jury in Unarmed. Then she worked side by side with Tom Brody in Contained. She’s back in Abused prosecuting Juliana Clarke for murder as the temporary, acting head of the Major Crimes Unit. She is quite a mess in ABUSED with emotional baggage and a drinking problem.

We also get to catch up with the gay neighbors (love) who are protective of Casey, and her best friend Lulu with the horrible verbally abusive married boyfriend, Sinclair. He does the unthinkable. He is one manipulative guy and he will come in between the two best friends. Will Lulu wake up before something bad happens to her?

There is also the love interest of two men in Casey’s life Justin and Ron. She is dating both. It is hard to work on cases with Justin, since they wind up in bed. Ron wants to settle down and Justin wants to have fun and be casual. The one she is having fun with (Justin) and one of her best friends and they have chemistry. Both attorneys and trying to decide which one she wants to spend her life with and another important question she must address (no spoilers here).

She must think carefully this time around. She has not had a very good track record with men and has been twice engaged before. She knows this time she must choose the right one. She is finally being able to pay down her student loans and it time she has a permanent relationship and matched with her career which is finally taking off and earning a little respect.

Told from three POVs: Casey (Protagonist), Nicole (opposing counsel), and Lulu (her friend).

The author juggles all the characters like a rock star. There are a lot of emotions going on and then you have other supporting characters which tie in with the first book. As the book comes down to the wire in the final courtroom scene, will Casey be able to get the real killer to confess and pull out a victory in this final book of the series?

A superb legal/crime thriller, both character and plot-driven. Fast-paced and suspenseful, the author reunites favorite characters in this grand finale.

In addition to the engaging characters, the witty and savvy dialogue, and the timely plots which could be ripped from today’s headlines, you have emotional depth, human interest, a strong fight for justice, drive, and integrity. Stories we all want and need to hear.

In the balance of the world’s darkness and evil, the author showcases goodness, friendship, with passionate, strong women who tackle difficult cases, and corruption— with determined heroines, making life messy and flawed with stories filled with hope and love.

Aime and Casey have earned a "Top place for the most entertaining and best legal/crime thriller series— 'female author and female attorney' out today!"

Casey is a highly relatable flawed protagonist, driven, smart and funny. You want to root for her for a happy ending. She has had some bad breaks in her legal career and not the best track with men, personal or professional. She has come full circle. We have seen her growth come into her own with much maturity during these past ten books and feel she finally is receiving much due respect in the legal world in this installment.

Here we are at #10 with ABUSED! I cannot believe it. I discovered this author in 2014 when I started my Blog #JDCMustReadBooks (celebrating my 7th anniversary) and her first book in the series was called QUALIFIED IMMUNITY (Now titled JUDGED #1 Casey Cort Series). It landed on my Top Books of 2014 and I absolutely LOVED this book and knew I had met my newfound author for a lifetime. Each book is unique and different. ALL WINNERS.

This has been a wild ride for Casey! I enjoyed every book and especially this last one which is bittersweet. The author keeps nail-biting suspense throughout with this one building to the grand finale, which I thoroughly enjoyed—a perfect ending. I could not have imagined it any other way. She will be missed. Casey is someone you want to share a glass of wine with and great conversation (with lots of laughs).

However, do not start crying, fans. Aime will be announcing a new legal thriller spin-off series coming in 2022 and we will see more of Casey! Stay tuned for my #AuthorElevatorSeries Interview with Aime on 9/15 where we will go behind the scenes of the book, series, and the author. (plus more talks of what is coming next).

ABUSED can be read as a standalone, but why stop there?

I highly recommend winding back to #1 Judged and make your way to #10 Abused. READ THEM ALL! (list above) Why miss all the backstories, friends, enemies, and all the fun cases with Casey?

Aime has rebranded, and all the books in the Casey Cort series have new stunning covers with new titles. They are available in e-book, paperback, and some in audio format.

In addition, you must tune in to Aime Austin’s popular new podcast, A TIME TO THRILL. She is so much fun and that voice! She talks about her characters, what’s coming, and interviews other authors and talks, marriage, divorce, children, and much more!

Fans of Author Allen Eskens (Lila Nash) and John Lescroart will enjoy this author and the series. All favorites. Highly recommend!

Blog Review:


My Rating: 5 Stars +++

Top Books of 2021

Pub Date: Sept 15, 2021

About the Author

Aime Austin is the author of the Casey Cort Crime Fiction Series. Casey is almost always in trouble. Aime’s full time job? Rescuing her. Good thing Aime’s got experience. She practiced family and criminal law in Cleveland, Ohio for several years—so she has the skills for the job.

When Aime isn’t rescuing Casey from herself, she’s hosting the podcast, A Time to Thrill, raising her son or traveling between Budapest and Los Angeles.

A Time to Thrill Podcast

Enjoy a conversation with Aime Austin, the author of the Casey Cort series of legal thrillers. In these conversations, I interview smart women creators. We talk about creating while being mothers, sisters, daughters, married, divorced, dating, and mapping out our own destinies in the meantime. View All Podcast Episodes Listen and Read More







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