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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

All the Colors of the Dark

ISBN: 9780593798874

Publisher: Crown Publishing

Publication Date: 06/25/2024

Format: Hardcover

My Rating: TBR

From the New York Times bestselling author of We Begin at the End comes an epic novel about a man fixated on finding a missing woman―and the FBI agent on his tail, who might be even more obsessed than he is.

"A huge achievement." ―Alex Michaelides

"Amazing. Haunting. Unforgettable." ―Patricia Cornwall

1975 is a time of change in America. The Vietnam War is ending. Mohammed Ali is fighting Joe Frazier. And in the small town of Monta Clare, Missouri, girls are disappearing.

When the daughter of a wealthy family is targeted, the most unlikely hero emerges—Patch, a local boy with one eye, who saves the girl, and, in doing so, leaves heartache in his wake.

Patch and those who love him soon discover that the line between triumph and tragedy has never been finer. And that their search for answers will lead them to truths that could mean losing one another.

A soaring thriller and an epic love story that spans decades, Chris Whitaker has written a novel about what lurks in the shadows of obsession, and the blinding light of hope.


“Chris Whitaker’s latest novel is a book to lose yourself in. Beginning with a boy’s abduction in a small town and the obsession for justice, it ignites in him and his best friend, this sprawling crime novel transcends its genre to become something epic in scope, haunting, and ultimately deeply moving. A huge achievement.”

―Alex Michaelides, bestselling author of The Silent Patient and The Fury

“All the Colors of the Dark is mesmerizing and intoxicating. Chris Whitaker is a poet who will leave you in breathless awe and suspense. Amazing. Haunting. Unforgettable. His writing is like opening the airlock and stepping into space. He will take you on a journey that fills you with limbic wonder. A bold and astonishing fresh voice and talent!”

—Patricia Cornwell

“All the Colors of the Dark is a stunning book. Ambitious, epic in scale yet strangely intimate . . . Simply incredible.”

—M.W. Craven, author of the Sunday Times bestseller The Botanist

“A masterclass in storytelling.”

—Mari Hannah, author of the Ryan and O’Neil thrillers and the Stone and Oliver series

“An elegiac tale that can be read as a crime novel, a dark bildungsroman, a star-crossed romance, and a paean to small town America. Vast, yearning, and luminous.”

—Vaseem Khan, bestselling author of the Malabar House series

“Stunning, simply stunning. I cannot remember the last time I book sucked me in and didn't let me out of its clutches like this did. Truly exceptional.”

—John Marrs, author of the bestselling What Lies Between Us and When You Disappeared

“An absolutely astonishing achievement. It could actually be the best book that I’ve ever read. And I’ve read fucking LOADS. A stunning, bewitching, beautiful novel.”

—Adam Simcox, author of The Generation Killer

“A stunning, bewitching novel with unforgettable characters. Achingly beautiful writing and a compelling, page-turning story; All The Colors of the Dark is a masterpiece. One of my favourite books of the year.”

—Andrea Mara, author of the Sunday Times bestseller All Her Fault

“Crime, but not as you know it.”

—Anna Mazzola, author of The House of Whispers

“The tension and atmosphere in these pages is incredible. I place my bet now it'll become a modern classic. Wow.”

—Joanna Cannon, author of the Sunday Times bestseller The Trouble with Goats and Sheep

“A truly epic crime novel and love story. Whitaker is one of the finest storytellers working today.”

—Will Dean, author of The Last Passenger

“In a word, sensational!”

—C.M. Ewan, author of Safe House

“Taut, layered, vast yet intimate, tense yet tender, All the Colors of the Dark is another tour de force from Whitaker.”

—Erin Kelly, author of the Sunday Times bestseller Watch Her Fall

“I didn't want this thrilling, twisting story to end and it's going to stay with me for a long time. The book to read in 2024.”

—Jo Spain, author of the Tom Reynolds detective series

About the Author

© David Calvert

Chris Whitaker lives in the United Kingdom with his wife and three young children. When not writing he works part-time at a local library, where he gets to surround himself with books. WEBSITE

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