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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Beyond All Doubt

Narrator: George Newbern

ISBN: 9781666656787

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Crooked Lane Books

Publication Date: 03/19/2024

Format: Audiobook

My Rating: 3.5 Stars (ALC)

It’s been a year since Cameron Kane’s wife Alison died in a fiery car crash. Aside from the grief that has shattered his life, Cameron struggles to reconcile the memory of his wife with the reality of how she died. The police couldn’t explain what she was doing in a Lamborghini with Maxwell Harding, a wealthy white-collar criminal, but they were certain of one thing: both Alison and Maxwell died in the horrific accident.

Cameron is trying to start a new life with his daughter when he walks past a man who resembles Maxwell—the man who was pronounced dead beyond all doubt more than a year ago. The chance encounter quickly propels Cameron down a rabbit hole as he begins to question everything he knows about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. Is he simply imagining things, hoping that the police made some mistake? Or are his suspicions all too real?

The further he digs, the more he becomes convinced that there’s a deeper conspiracy at play. As he follows strings that lead to devious schemes and murder, Cameron knows that there’s no price he won’t pay for the truth. And as the deadly threats to Cameron mount, that price may be his very life.

My Review

Hilton Reed's BEYOND ALL DOUBT is a twisty action suspense about a grieving widower who believes there are dark secrets behind his wife's death and begins a dangerous search.

How far will some go to keep their secrets buried?

Cameron Kane's wife, Alison, died in a car crash fire about a year ago, and he grieves while trying to raise his seven-year-old daughter, Sabrina. He attempts to get on with his life and dating someone new.

However, he sees someone, something that makes him second-guess that his wife is dead.

She was supposedly in a Lamborghini with Maxwell Harding, a wealthy white-collar criminal, but they were sure they died in the horrific accident.

This man resembles Maxwell—the man who was pronounced dead beyond all doubt more than a year ago.

Could his wife still be alive, and was this just a set-up for Cameron to escape his crimes? If so, where is she? Cameron hires a private detective and learns there is more to the story.

Can he trust the woman he is dating, or is she part of a setup? Is this a devious scheme, and are he, his wife, and his daughter collateral damage?

His doubt sends him down a rabbit hole as he begins questioning everything and everyone in this life. He slowly unravels dangerous secrets, lies, and betrayals and must solve this mystery, putting himself in harm's way.

BEYOND ALL DOUBT is a fast-paced thriller with action and suspense.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by the talented George Newbern, who made the characters come alive.

While I enjoyed the audio, the story lacked some depth, had too many characters, and was missing something that made it unputdownable. It was very slow in the middle and faster near the end. It was not a favorite.

Thanks to Dreamscape Media and NetGalley for an ALC for an honest opinion.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: Book 3 Stars | Audio 4 Stars

Overall: 3.5 Stars

Pub Date: Mar 19, 2024


“Hilton Reed's Beyond All Doubt is an edge-of-your-seat fast-moving thrill-ride, kicked off by the reappearance of a dead man and propelling the reader along to the final bullet . . . and beyond.”

—SJ Rozan, Edgar award-winning and bestselling author of The Mayors of New York

“Beyond All Doubt is not a who done it, but a twisty, compelling who did what. Cameron Kane is sympathetic, yet an unrelenting bulldog in his pursuit of the truth about his wife's death. Intriguing and intense, Beyond All Doubt is a winner!”

—Matt Coyle, bestselling author of the Rick Cahill crime novels

“In this action-packed and engrossing thriller, Hilton Reed masterfully balances between a husband’s drive to uncover the truth about his wife’s death and a father’s instinct to protect his family at all costs. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down!”

—Matthew Farrell, bestselling author of The Woman at Number 6

“Beyond All Doubt has plenty of thrills—deadly snipers, false identities, shocking deaths—but at its heart, this book is about a grieving single father whose desperation propels the plot like a speeding car with its brake lines cut.”

—Cayce Osborne, author of I Know What You Did

“Beyond All Doubt is a taut, smart, and emotionally rich thriller. Reed has a sharp eye for character and a screenwriter's feel for action. This tale is sleek as a mink and fast as a bullet.”

—T. Jefferson Parker, author of The Rescue

About the Author

Hilton Reed is a former media industry executive. Reed was editor-in-chief for United News and Media’s San Francisco editorial operations, and also served as editor-in-chief of Streamline Publishing’s media publications. He previously was an editor at both Radio & Records and Broadcasting magazine, and served in an executive capacity at the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio Advertising Bureau. ​A graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, Reed holds a degree in Anthropology, cum laude. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, he currently resides with his wife Diana in Charleston, South Carolina



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