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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Blind Spot

ISBN: 979-8989677917

Publisher: Puzzle Box Press

Publication Date: 05/21/2024

Format: Other

My Rating: TBR (ARC)

Every move she makes, someone’s watching.

An ambitious district attorney.

An enemy she can't see.

A daughter at risk.

Rachel Matthews is used to stress—from the cutthroat world of the district attorney’s office to her escalating clashes with her teenage daughter. So when a stranger sends a lavish bouquet with a macabre message and leaves a disturbing video on her doorstep, she’s quick to act. Teaming up with an old classmate turned private investigator, she wades through old case files, searching for someone harboring a grudge. But before she has time to pinpoint a suspect, her stalker issues a demand—he wants money, lots of it, or he’ll hurt her daughter.

Desperate to protect her child, Rachel agrees but soon finds herself fleeing a bloody crime scene, fearful for her life. Suddenly she’s in the crosshairs of a dangerous and clever enemy, someone who’s manipulated her since Day One, someone who knows her long-buried secrets, someone who’s framing her for murder. As she follows the clues, Rachel fears the answer is linked to an event eighteen years ago, a deception that could wreck her fragile bond with her daughter.

Can she solve the puzzle of who wants to destroy her and beat them at their own game before she loses her career, her family, and her freedom?


“A smart, twisty cat-and-mouse revenge tale. If you love fast-paced suspense reads with flawed, relatable characters and twists you don't see coming, you'll love this book.”

—Robert Dugoni, New York Times Best-Selling Author of the Tracy Crosswhite series

“Blindspot is a twisty, unnerving thriller that will keep you guessing! I had no idea what to expect next. With memorable characters, a tense story, and plenty of surprises, Maggie Smith kept me glued to the page.”

—Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author

“Maggie Smith’s BLINDSPOT is a clever, authentic crime novel that delivers not only velvety-smooth prose, an appealing protagonist I’d go out to lunch with, but a denouement that surprised me. The author also slips in a subtle but genuine sense of humor that kept me reading. A must-read!”

—Libby Fischer Hellmann, The Ellie Foreman Mystery Series

“... an intense thriller … will keep you on the edge of your seat. The narrative is fast-paced and the tension is consistently built, keeping the reader engaged.”

—Five-Star Rating – Reader’s Favorite

About the Author

Maggie Smith founded ArtSource, a leading art consulting company, but when her business was acquired in 2017, she pursued her dream to became a full-time writer. The result is her debut novel, Truth and Other Lies, which will published March 8, 2022, by Ten16 Press. In addition to writing, Maggie hosts the podcast Hear Us Roar for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, which boasts over 110 episodes and is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, IHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. Her short story, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, was published in the 2018 anthology False Faces and she’s a monthly blogger for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. A board member of the Chicago Writer’s Association, she serves as Managing Editor of their on-line literary publication The Write City Magazine. She makes her home in Milwaukee with her husband Scott and her aging but adorable dog Colt. WEBSITE



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