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Dark Corners

Narrators: André Santana, January LaVoy, Samantha Desz

Macmillan Audio

Series: Rachel Krall #2

ISBN: 978-1250280688

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Publication Date: 08/08/2023

Format: Other

My Rating: 5 Stars + (ARC)

Rachel Krall, the true crime podcaster star of Megan Goldin’s acclaimed Night Swim returns to search for a popular social media influencer who disappeared after visiting a suspected serial killer.

Terence Bailey is about to be released from prison for breaking and entering, though investigators have long suspected him in the murders of six women. As his freedom approaches, Bailey gets a surprise visit from Maddison Logan, a hot, young influencer with a huge social media following. Hours later, Maddison disappears, and police suspect she’s been kidnapped―or worse. Is Maddison’s disappearance connected to her visit to Bailey? Why was she visiting him in the first place?

When they hit a wall in the investigation, the FBI reluctantly asks for Rachel’s help in finding the missing influencer. Maddison seems only to exist on social media; she has no family, no friends, and other than in her posts, most people have never seen her. Who is she, really? Using a fake Instagram account, Rachel Krall goes undercover to BuzzCon, a popular influencer conference, where she discovers a world of fierce rivalry that may have turned lethal.

When police find the body of a woman with a tattoo of a snake eating its tail, the FBI must consider a chilling possibility: Bailey has an accomplice on the outside and a dangerous obsession with influencers, including Rachel Krell herself. Suddenly a target of a monster hiding in plain sight, Rachel is forced to confront the very real dangers that lurk in the dark corners of the internet.

My Review

Megan Goldin returns following The Night Swim (5 stars) with the second installment in her popular Rachel Krall series, DARK CORNERS —a crime podcaster gets caught up in the search and mystery surrounding a famous social media influencer who disappears after visiting a suspected serial killer in this riveting 'thrills by the minute' electrifying masterful suspense!

Rachel Krall is back better than ever—My Top Thrillers of 2023!

Terence (Terry) Bailey is about to be released from prison; however, investigators have suspected him in the murders of six women.

However, right before his release, he gets a visit from Maddison Logan, a young popular social media influencer. Hours later, she disappears. Was she kidnapped, and what went down with her visit with Bailey? Are the two events connected? Do they know one another? What is going on at the gas station?

After the FBI does not turn up anything, they turn to Rachel for help. Who is Maddison? She is only known by her social media. Is she for real? Rachel realizes too late Maddison left her a voicemail. Rachel is determined to find Maddison.

Rachel goes undercover to BuzzCon, a popular influencer conference in Daytona Beach, FL. (so good). What a world of highly competitive rivals. Here she learns a lot!

The cops find a woman's body with a tattoo of a snake eating its tail. Does Bailey have an accomplice on the outside? Is there a monster hiding in plain sight and the dark corners of the internet? Or is it someone else?

Who receives the most oxygen (voice) in the media— Killers or victims? Are we so obsessed with the likes of monsters we forget about the victims? Not just those they kill but those they leave behind. Eleven victims.

Nothing is as it appears! Twisty, Gripping, Unputdownable!

Gosh, I LOVED this book! Brilliant! Oh, and the audiobook was dynamite! Narrated by André Santana, January LaVoy (fav), and Samantha Desz for a highly entertaining listening experience. I was glued to my iPhone.

I loved The Night Swim, and DARK CORNERS is even better. Complex and multi-layered, I love the way everything unraveled. I adore Rachel and hope we see her again for #3! She is too good to end. She is sharp and tenacious, and a pro.

Goldin is ON FIRE and at the TOP of her game! Her best yet. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Thanks to St. Martin's Press and Macmillan for an ARC and ALC via NetGalley for an honest opinion.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 5 Stars ++

Pub Date: Aug 8, 2023

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My MG Reviews:


“An intriguing dive into the dark and mysterious world of social media influencers. The riveting plot and twists kept me turning pages until the jaw-dropping conclusion!”

―Freida McFadden, New York Times bestselling author of The Housemaid

"A gripping story that is equal parts shocking, unnerving, and thrilling. Goldin takes the ‘true crime’ trope to new and unexpected territory.”

―Karin Slaughter, New York Times and #1 international bestselling author of Girl, Forgotten

“The Night Swim was quite a good novel, but this one is more complex, more frightening. Goldin keeps readers on their toes, offering tantalizing clues to what’s really going on but keeping the truth a closely-guarded secret until it’s time to reveal it. A third Rachel Krall novel would be most welcome.”


About the Author

Megan Goldin was a journalist before she became a writer. She reported from the Middle East for the Associated Press, Reuters, the (Australian) ABC, and other news outlets. She worked in Asia as a reporter and editor for Reuters and Yahoo!. She is the author of the psychological thriller Stay Awake, The Night Swim, and The Escape Room. WEBSITE







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