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Deserve To Die


Narrators: Jodie Harris, Zura Johnson

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Publication Date: 09/06/2022

Format: Audiobook

My Rating: 5 Stars 🎧

Dom and Stacey have the perfect life. Until they meet Tamara. Brilliant, beautiful, she hides a horrifying secret. One that may destroy them all.

Happily married with two wonderful children, Dom and Stacey are living the dream. He runs a successful design agency, she is finding fame as an author of children’s books.

Everything is perfect. But then they meet the mesmerizing Tamara and their lives are changed forever.

Because Tamara is a woman with a plan. She executes it step by step – patient, systematic, methodical.

And as her plan unfolds, Dom and Stacey find their lives slipping out of control. Taking them from heaven into the deepest, darkest hell…

Deserve to Die is a compelling psychological thriller with a heart-stopping ending that will keep you gripped until the early hours. Perfect for fans of K. L. Slater, Teresa Driscoll and Andrew Hart.

My Review

A deadly twisted game of REVENGE!

A chilling glimpse behind the façade of a perfect family.

Miranda Rijks has developed a wickedly evil, seductive femme fatale in her latest psychological thriller, DESERVE TO DIE. Tamara will stop at nothing until she destroys and gets what she wants.

For fans of Victoria Helen Stone's popular thriller Jane Doe, (Jane) and Kaira Rouda's The Favorite Daughter, (also Jane) —these three women could be sisters and partners in crime with their manipulative scheming. Smart, savvy, beautiful, narcissistic sociopaths, both devious and evil.

The perfect home. The perfect family. The perfect lie.

Dom and Stacey Nicholson seem to have the perfect life with a great marriage, and two children. Stacey writes and illustrates children's books, while Dominic is a Managing Director of a design agency.

Tamara's first victim in this plot of revenge is getting rid of Dom's employee Dylan, which she set up, and he has been found dead in his bathtub after an overdose and slitting his wrists, opening up the job for herself.

She gets hired, and once in the door, her sites are on cozying up to this family and working her way into their lives. She is after the husband, but ultimately it is payback and taking down the wife.

First at work and then in their home life. Gaslighting makes Stacey think she is going crazy and driving a wedge between her and her husband.

What is the motive? Will someone believe Stacey to stop this madwoman and be able to save her family before it is too late?

The author is always a pro, cleverly offering readers bits and pieces, keeping you in suspense as the twists and turns build tension and suspense.

Told from POVs from both Stacey and Tamara, both women have their secrets. A thrill, a minute wild ride to the explosive ending! I have recently discovered this author and love her writing style.

INTENSE AND CREEPY, Tamara is such a riot, and enjoyed her character. Rijks' portrayal of Tamara and her inner thoughts are compelling, addictive, wickedly hilarious, and brimming with dark surprises. Wow, what plotting and scheming.

I purchased the audiobook, and the narrators, Jodie Harris and Zura Johnson, did a superb job with an entertaining performance. I listened in one sitting - yes, it was that good!

Highly recommend Rijks' books and look forward to reading her backlist of hits. #CoverCrush

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 5 Stars

About the Author

I write psychological thrillers - many of which have been Kindle bestsellers. If you'd like to receive free short stories, info on my writing and be the first to know about upcoming releases, you can sign up to my newsletter at Before becoming a fiction writer, I helped newbie entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, and everything changed. I live in Sussex, England with my husband, musician daughter and black Labradors. When I'm not writing, I'm dreaming about living in a chalet on a Swiss mountain, obsessively knitting and painting on my iPad. My books include: The Visitors, The Arrangement, The New Neighbour, The Second Wife, The Only Child, What She Knew, The Influencer, Roses Are Red, You Are Mine, Deserve To Die, I Want You Gone, Fatal Fortune, Fatal Flowers and Fatal Finale. Thank you for reading my books. WEBSITE







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