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Her Last Hour


Publication Date: 04/01/2023

Format: e-book

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

One woman. Many enemies...

Home alone on a Friday night, Katherine is anticipating a peaceful evening. But that all changes when she receives a shocking note through her letterbox...

The note tells her that she only has one hour left to live, but with no other information, Katherine has no idea who just threatened her or why. But things quickly go from bad to worse when she suspects her tormentor is already in her home and suddenly, her fight for survival begins.

Forced to reflect on her life choices and with a sizeable list of enemies to choose from, Katherine may have met her match. Who wants to kill her? Why are they doing this to her? Is this really her last hour?

A gripping psychological thriller from the author of the UK #1 bestseller The Doctor's Wife, The Couple In The Cabin and We Used To Live Here.

My Review

The "king of domestic suspense," Daniel Hurst, returns following The Holiday Home and The Doctor's Wife with his latest spine-chilling witty psychological thriller—HER LAST HOUR. When a woman's enemies come back to haunt her, giving her one hour to live in this locked-in cat-and-mouse game of TIME.

Time is precious. Time is money.

And Time is the only thing we can't beat.

It is Friday evening, and Katherine, single (almost 39 yrs old) is looking forward to a night in. She emails her brother to let him know she is thinking of him. Of course, he has not replied in a year. She decides on a phone-free evening.

Set in London, she lives in a beautiful two-story modern home designed by German designer Franz. Then his wife became ill, and they sold it and moved back to Germany. She spent over a million pounds on the house, fell in love with it, and has been renovating it.

However, the night in with a relaxing, healthy dinner and a glass of wine was suddenly interrupted when she heard a fluttering of the letterbox behind her.

Katherine: One short sentence is written in black ink across the middle of the page.

It is shocking. It is terrifying. She can scarcely believe what she is reading.

She has one hour to live.

At first, she wonders if this is a joke or does someone want to kill her.

Six words. No context. No explanation.

Who would want her dead? Evidently, she has a long list.

The phone is gone. She put it in the drawer earlier. She runs outside, but her tires are flat on her car.

Someone is in her house. The power has been cut. She is plunged into darkness.

Then he appears. A man holding a knife. Black combat trousers. A black hoody. And a black balaclava to conceal his identity.

The captor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a digital device. They are counting down. It is a timer.


She has 60 minutes to live, which now is at 54 minutes.

Have you ever given someone a time limit and issued an ultimatum—an hour to finish something? BOTH business and personal? You should think twice about doing that again because this list is keeping score and ready for REVENGE!

Who would hire this person to do such a thing?

Is the captor carrying out a job for an employer? Who hated her so much to be willing to pay somebody to kill her?

Even though she is a woman of considerable means and tries to offer him money, that makes him mad, and he knocks off another 5 minutes for the bribe attempt.

Evidently, she has hurt people and is about to find the list of people. They all have to do with Time. She has made enemies. She is told she is evil and being punished.

There is a list from her past, from business dealings to personal ex-boyfriends, her brother, and more.

Will she be able to escape before she is murdered? Will Katherine be able to outsmart them?

When she finally runs and gets away to try the neighbors, she walks in on something bad - another murder? HILARIOUS. Then here he comes again. Then she tries to escape, and someone picks her up but brings her back. What is going on?

Someone winds up dead. More than one person. And what about the room in her house she did not know about?

OMG! HER LAST HOUR is so good! Wickedly witty and clever, you have no clue where the author is taking you, but trust me, enjoy the ride.

Katherine is tenacious and clever, but you do not see the many TWISTS coming! WOW, that ending with the jaw-dropping twist when the guy's identity in the black balaclava is revealed to readers is PRICELESS. I would love to learn the inspiration behind this book!

Katherine has no clue that the people you may be mean to are right before you, so watch your back.

I loved the front cover, and this was a witty, devilish, quick read I read in one sitting! I saw this one upcoming in his newsletter and could not wait to read.

Daniel always surprises you with his highly creative suspense psychological thrillers, and this one was a DOOZIE! A pleasant surprise, like nothing I have ever read.

This book will make you rethink how others perceive you and how you treat people.

If you like clever locked-in cat-and-mouse revenge stories, I highly recommend! Also, look for Daniel's upcoming book, The Bride to Be (Inkubator Books), coming May 7, 2023. How in the world does he write so many books? I think he is superman.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pub Date: April 1, 2023

About the Author

Daniel Hurst is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of fast paced psychological thrillers. His most popular titles include Til Death Do Us Part, The Passenger and The Doctor's Wife, the latter title reaching #1 on the Amazon UK Kindle store in February 2023. A regular KDP Select All Star since he became a full-time author in 2021, Daniel prides himself on writing fast, releasing stories often and replying to every email he receives from his readers.

You can visit him at, where you can also download a copy of his FREE thriller 'Just One Second.'







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