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Keep Her Secret

By: Mark Edwards Narrators: Simon Mattacks, Karen Cass

Brilliance Audio

ISBN: ‎978-1662508936

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: 05/30/2023

Format: e-book/audio

My Rating: 4 Stars

In this sinister tale from 4 million copy bestselling author Mark Edwards, a deadly secret turns a couple’s new romance into a nightmare. And they’re not the only ones who know the truth…

“Heart-in-mouth stuff, with a twist I didn't see coming. Edwards is at the top of his game.” ―Erin Kelly

“Mark Edwards really is in a league of his own.” ―Lisa Jewell

“From the first page to the last I was hooked by this clever, fast-paced and addictive thriller. That ending was genius. I loved it.” ―Claire Douglas

After twenty years apart, Matthew and Helena have rekindled their college romance and are away in Iceland on their first holiday together. Swept up in the romance on a mountain hike, one moment they are taking the perfect photo, the next Helena is hanging from the cliff edge…

Terrified, Matthew almost misses Helena’s sudden and shocking confession―but what he hears chills him to the bone. And when Helena reveals the full truth Matthew is horrified, not only by what she’s done, but why she did it. Does he really know her at all?

His shock turns to horror when, back in England, they discover that someone not only overheard Helena’s confession but plans to blackmail her. Now Matthew must decide whether to go to the police or help Helena keep her secret―and as events spiral out of control, how far is Matthew willing to go to protect his ‘perfect’ girlfriend?

My Review

Mark Edwards, a long-time favorite author, returns to his older style, which I love, with his latest twisty psychological thriller, KEEP HER SECRET. I enjoyed this one more than his last, No Place To Run.

I listened to the fun audiobook (accompanying e-book) the day it came out in one sitting. I enjoyed the narrators immensely— Simon Mattacks (in particular) and Karen Cass for an engaging performance.

Between reading 30+ books a month, reviewing, posting, author interviews, my blog, newsletters, and my super busy website business, I am behind on some reviews. However, I wanted to leave a quick review.

KEEP HER SECRET (I love the cover) starts with a bang, and the suspense never lets up. Set in 2022, we meet Helena and Matthew. They have reunited after 20 years apart since college and are away in Iceland on their first holiday together. Helena was married, but her husband was no longer around. It turns out he was quite abusive.

While hiking, Helena wants the perfect photo overlooking the mountain and backs up, and now she is hanging from a cliff by her backpack strap. This part reminds me of Rick Mofina's Everything She Feared (04/23)

Both are frantic, and Matthew wants to leave and get help, but Helena begs him to stay.

Then Helena thinking she is at death's door, suddenly confesses a huge SECRET. It is deadly. Matthew is shocked. How can this be true? Is she for real?

Soon thereafter, another team member comes along and saves her. Back in their cabin, Matthew must address the elephant in the room. What happened, and when did this crime occur?

She tells him the truth, and he can understand how it could have happened. But can he keep the secret, or will he go to the police?

However, when they leave Iceland and go back home, someone overhears them talking with the window open in Iceland, and now someone is blackmailing Helena. Be careful with your social media, guys.

Will Matthew keep Helena's secret? The plot thickens when the blackmailer demands money and threatens to go to the cops. Helena's secret is out, but the blackmailer has a different version.

Which one is telling the truth? Will Matthew stand by his girlfriend, or will she drag him into her web of crime?

Matthew is the level-headed one of the two and always tries to stay calm when Helena spirals out of control.

The game of cat and mouse escalates, but who is the cat, and who is the mouse?

The tension mounts, and then the unspeakable. Nothing is as it appears. Twisty and dark. Note to self: when you commit murder, ensure all the tapes are destroyed because you never know who will uncover after you've gone to continue the cycle of blackmail further.

How many times can you murder someone?

Highly entertaining, dark, and twisty. Told in three different parts, what is real and what is false. Mind-bending, the past secrets connect with a wicked final delicious cliffhanger twist.

FUN! I love picturesque Iceland and the cute Puffins. What a great setting. Edwards delivers a fun and witty popcorn thriller that held my interest throughout, and I highly recommend the audiobook. As always, Edwards entertains, is creative and I love thrillers with dark humor! More of this, please. I enjoyed the Letter from the Author and the inspiration behind the book, always a plus.

Do not take KEEP HER SECRET too seriously. Enjoy the ride and head-spinning twists— for Freida McFadden and Daniel Hurst fans.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

Pub Date: May 30, 2023

My Rating: 4 Stars


“So sinister.” ―Crime Monthly

“Heart-in-mouth stuff, with a twist I didn't see coming. Edwards is at the top of his game.”

―Erin Kelly, bestselling author of He Said/She Said

“From the first page to the last I was hooked by this clever, fast paced and addictive thriller. Keep Her Secret is tightly-plotted, twisty and so compelling I couldn’t put it down. That ending was genius. I loved it.”

―Claire Douglas, the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of The Girls who Disappeared

“Loved the mounting claustrophobia of the setting and the mounting horror as characters’ secrets came back to haunt them. My head is spinning from all the twists!”

―Katherine Faulkner, bestselling author of Greenwich Park

“From the breathtaking first scene to the stunning conclusion, the superbly talented Mark Edwards takes readers on an almost unbearably suspenseful thrill ride in Keep Her Secret. Edwards never lets up on the throttle…With breakneck pacing, perfect plotting, and layered, flawed characters, Edwards makes sure this story will stay with you long after the book is closed. Don’t miss it!”

―Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

“The King of Thrillers does it again with Keep Her Secret―dark, twisty and full of OMFG moments―I flew through it from the tense, perilous beginning to the completely satisfying end.” ―Susi Holliday, bestselling author of The Hike

"Mark Edwards delivers a true masterclass in suspense writing."

– Robert Bryndza, Bestselling Author

About the Author

Mark Edwards writes psychological thrillers in which scary things happen to ordinary people.

He has sold 4 million books since his first novel, The Magpies, was published in 2013, and has topped the bestseller lists numerous times. His other novels include Follow You Home, The Retreat, In Her Shadow, Because She Loves Me, The Hollows and Here to Stay. He has also co-authored six books with Louise Voss.

Originally from Hastings in East Sussex, Mark now lives in Wolverhampton with his wife, their children and two cats.

Mark loves hearing from readers and can be contacted through his website,, or you can find him on Facebook (@markedwardsauthor), Twitter (@mredwards) and Instagram (@markedwardsauthor).







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