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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

No One Can Know

Narrator: Karissa Vacker

Macmillan Audio

10 hrs. 15 min.

ISBN: 9781250332493

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Publication Date: 01/23/2024

Format: Audiobook

My Rating: 4.5 Stars (ARC)

"Narrator Karissa Vacker ... provides a pitch-perfect performance."—Booklist, on What Lies in the Woods

Three sisters, two murders, and too many secrets to count.

The author of What Lies in the Woods returns with a novel about three sisters, two murders, and too many secrets to count.

Emma hasn't told her husband much about her past. He knows her parents are dead and she hasn't spoken to her sisters in years. Then they lose their apartment, her husband gets laid off, and Emma discovers she's pregnant—right as the bank account slips into the red.

That's when Emma confesses that she has one more asset: her parents' house, which she owns jointly with her estranged sisters. They can't sell it, but they can live in it. But returning home means that Emma is forced to reveal her secrets to her husband: that the house is not a run-down farmhouse but a stately mansion, and that her parents died there.

Were murdered.

And that some people say Emma did it.

Emma and her sisters have never spoken about what really happened that night. Now, her return to the house may lure her sisters back, but it will also crack open family and small-town secrets lots of people don’t want revealed. As Emma struggles to reconnect with her old family and hold together her new one, she begins to realize that the things they have left unspoken all these years have put them in danger again.

My Review

Kate Alice Marshall returns following What Lies In The Woods with NO ONE CAN KNOW —a captivating, atmospheric psychological thriller centered around three sisters, a mysterious murder, and more secrets than you can count.

AUDIOBOOK: Let me say that Karissa Vacker nailed the audio narration, leaving you hanging on her every word—a listen-in one-day/night kind of entertainment!

Fourteen years ago, sisters Emma, Juliette, and Daphne’s parents were brutally murdered in their home in Arden Hills, New Hampshire.

Emma is now married to Nathan. All he knows is her parents are dead, and she has not spoken to her sisters, Juliette and Daphne, in years.

Emma and Nathan are going through financial hardship, losing their apartment, Nathan getting laid off, and Emma is now pregnant with no money left in their bank account.

However, there is one asset—her parent's house that she owns jointly with her estranged sisters. They cannot sell it, but they can live in it.

However, returning home to the place where her parents were murdered, Emma will have to reveal secrets of the past (or some of them). The house is a stately mansion, not some run-down shack with a carriage house (plus a secret basement and more).

They have never really discussed what happened that night. There are many secrets in the small town, and moving back stirs up old fears and anxieties. They may be opening a Pandora's box.

The parent's killer was never found, but some blamed Emma. There are enemies in the town and now she will come face to face with her sisters.

How far will they go to keep hidden the secrets of the past and protect one another?

The sisters were split up after their parent's murder. Emma and Daphane were sent to foster care, and Juliette went to college. There are many grudges, and Nathan and her sisters are acting strangely. Emma wants to protect her child, but the family secrets may emerge.

Smartly written, I enjoyed NO ONE CAN KNOW more than the last book, What Lies in the Woods. The novel gives you that creepy Gothic vibe, the house, the setting, and the mystery of the past.

Even though there are no likable characters, and you are not sure whom to trust, the novel moves along steadily.

It is a twisty whodunit that explores the complex relationships between sisters and how far they will go to protect one another. For readers who enjoy small-town mysteries and family dramas. For fans of authors Stacy Willingham, Carol Goodman, Lisa Jewell, and Jennifer McMahon.

The author has moved from YA to Adult and is making her way to the top thriller genre with her winning writing style. I look forward to more from this talented author.

I highly recommend the audiobook, narrated by one of my favorites, Karissa Vacker, who made the book come alive with her stellar performance.

Many thanks to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley for the privilege of an early listening copy for an honest opinion. I certainly enjoyed several audiobooks with Karissa over the Christmas holidays.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Pub Date: Jan 23, 2024


“A propulsive and intricate psychological thriller. . . Meticulously plotted. . . Marshall’s deft writing teases out revelations aplenty, perpetually ratcheting up the tension―and an element of violence―while keeping the story skimming along. Family connections prove both their damage and their worth in this community-focused thriller.”

―Kirkus (starred review)

“Propulsive mystery-cum-psychological drama. . . Marshall shrewdly interlaces past and present timelines, alternating perspectives between the three sisters to shed new light on old information. Even genre veterans will have trouble sussing out the culprit. Skillful misdirection and urgent plotting make this a winner.”

―Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Kate Alice Marshall is the author of the young adult novels I Am Still Alive, Rules for Vanishing, and Our Last Echoes, as well as the Secrets of Eden Eld middle grade series. She lives outside of Seattle, where she spends her time playing board games, tending a chaotic vegetable garden, and wrangling dogs and children. No One Can Know is her second adult novel. WEBSITE

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