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Nowhere To Hide

Narrator: Shakira Shute

ISBN: 978-1804151518

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Publication Date: 04/02/2024

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars (ARC)

Passion, obsession, cruelty, control. There is no limit to how far some people will go for love.

Duncan Stone is one of the country's most eligible and handsome bachelors, and he wants to take me, Callie Parker, on a date.

At first I am surprised and flattered, the envy of my friends. Then when our whirlwind romance escalates and he asks me to move in with him, it's like a dream come true.

But as I get to really know my new boyfriend, my fairytale turns into a nightmare. Duncan is no Prince Charming. He is the Devil.

Isolated from my friends and family, watched day and night, a prisoner in my own life, I know if I am going to survive, I need to escape.

When a chance encounter with an old friend throws me a lifeline, I realise this is my live or die moment, and I find a hiding place deep in the Norfolk countryside.

I'm supposed to feel safe here, so why do I hear footsteps outside my hideaway late at night, and sense that someone is watching me?

Is it paranoia, or has Duncan managed to find me?

Or perhaps the danger is closer to home than I realise.

My Review

The queen of psychological suspense returns following The Boat House (2023) with her latest heart-pounding thriller, NOWHERE TO HIDE —Keri Beevis at her best taking this one to shocking new heights!

This riveting domestic suspense novel is about a woman who, in a desperate fight for survival, must decide just how far she will go to escape the man she once loved while trying to protect her dog and those who become involved trying to help her.

The author skillfully takes readers down another INTENSE, dark, and twisty sinister path (she is known for) of control, violence, abuse, intimidation, and obsession when Mr. Prince Charming turns into a Devil (a master manipulator)—leaving his victim vulnerable with no escape from his evil clutches and 'nowhere to hide' in this brilliant terrifying domestic thriller.

Callie Parker is excited that one of the country's most famous, eligible, handsome, rich, and powerful movie star bachelors, Duncan Stone wants to date her.

After a whirlwind romance, she soon moves in with him—a dream come true. However, her fairy tale romance soon becomes a Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde nightmare. Trust me, this is more than mind games; it is physical and abusive.

Duncan takes the average abuser to another level. Besides isolating her from her friends, controlling and tracking her every move, critiquing everything she wears, says, cooks, and punishing her for anything she does or does not do, the last straw is locking her in a dog cage with no food or water, or restroom break, and threatens the life of her loveable golden retriever, Chester. Duncan is violent and abusive. There is no remorse for his actions. This story is so realistic of an abuser.

He has taken her car and her phone, money, and after removing her from her friends and family, how will she escape? She must save her dog! She is a prisoner. She must escape before he kills her. He is a sociopath, but he is so charming he fools everyone. He is powerful and has connections with the cops.

Even her sister does not help when she has the chance to escape sending her back to him. Duncan is so charming no one can see the other violent side. How many other women has he done this to?

Callie runs into her former college roommate and friend, Laurel, when they are out for dinner one evening. She senses something is wrong, but Duncan makes sure Callie does not connect for fear she will leave him. Callie is walking on eggshells.

But her friend is persistent and creative, and they find a way for her to escape, which is complex and risky, and the fear and intensity is heart pounding. Faking her death is the only way to keep him from finding her. If he finds out she is still alive, it won't be good for her and her friend.

Her friend Laura arranges for her to escape, and she goes to her adopted brother Nico's Willow Brook Farm in the countryside. No one will find her there in the Stable Cottage on the grounds. She is afraid to be happy and catch her breath because she is always looking over her shoulder, afraid Duncan will find her and hurt those around her.

Later, she feels someone is watching her, and someone is in her cottage. Callie is afraid he has found her. What will she do? Duncan also has a paid bodyguard, Rob, who kills and does his dirty work. He followed her everywhere she went before.

She feels safe with Nico, her dog, his dogs, and the horses. Has her haven been discovered?

What if Duncan goes after all the people who have helped her? He is dangerous and impulsive.

Then a young woman, Anya, goes missing, and they find her dead. She was the last to see her. Things are not as they seem, and what if the danger is right in front of her, making her feel like a prisoner again, and they lead Duncan to her? Callie cannot get a break! Willow Brook Farm is no longer a safe haven.

Wow! Keri cleverly creates fear, tension, and suspense with well-developed characters. Emotionally complex, my heart pounded the entire time I read. Unputdownable!

NOWHERE TO HIDE will hold you captive until the last page is turned.

You will be on the edge of your seat, fearing there will be no way out for Carrie. How will she ever escape this monster? I was a wreck until I got to the explosive conclusion. Many twisty things are happening, and you must figure out whom to trust. Will someone be able to finally stand up to Duncan and believe her?

Nico and Duncan had both troubled childhoods, rose from nothing with similar stories, and had success, but how differently it shaped them. Duncan uses his past as an excuse for cruelty, while Nico tries to be a good man helping others.

I loved Nico, Laurel, Oksana, Vince's video, and my favorite golden retriever, Chester! (best dogs ever). No worries, the dog is fine!

Beevis has hit another one out of the park! She wins the award for creating the most evil, horrific, abusive, brutal, and twisted male character I have encountered lately. At times, it wasn't easy to read. For fans of Clémence Michallon's The Quiet Tenant, B.A. Paris, and Mary Kubica.

NOWHERE TO HIDE is so emotionally compelling it will haunt you long after you race through the pages.

As I have mentioned previously, Keri is a rock star when it comes to perfect pacing, claustrophobic settings, evil, creepy characters, and shocking twisty plots. I love her writing style. This is my eighth book by the author, and I anxiously await the next. If you have not read this author, thriller lovers, get started! Highly recommend.

Thanks to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for an early reading review copy.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

Pub Date: April 2, 2024

Praise for Keri Beevis

'A tense, clever and thought-provoking thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and long afterwards.'

—Natasha Boydell

'A truly addictive read. Creepy, with an undercurrent of malice running throughout.'

- Stewart Giles

'This is how to write a page turner.'

- Valerie Keogh

'A great atmospheric read from the architect of gripping thrillers.'

- Jenny O'Brien

'Another gripping fast paced story from the brilliant Keri Beevis.'

- Sadie Ryan

'Darkly gripping from page one. I confidently predict another best seller!'

— Marrisse Whittaker

'Keri Beevis is the queen of creepy characters and sinister settings. A chilling, super page-turner!' - Amanda Brittany

'OMG the first chapter nails the entire book. Atmospheric, twisted and cleverly plotted. Devoured the whole book in one go, and I don’t think I took a breath!’

- D. E. White

'Another winner from Ms Beevis. A gripping story with plenty of twists and turns'

- J.A. Baker

'An atmospheric thriller that grips until the last page. Beevis at her best!' -

Diana Wilkinson

'Another suspenseful page-turner from this very talented author'

- John Nicholl

'Brilliant, chilling, and unputdownable'

- Gemma Rogers

‘Beevis has created a dark psychological thriller thick with atmosphere. Cleverly woven threads pull together in a heart-stopping conclusion in this satisfyingly clever tale. Highly recommended’

- Diane Saxon

'A disturbingly chilling thriller which is completely gripping. The Sleepover is an intense mystery full of clever twists which I didn't see coming'

- Alex Stone

About the Author

Keri Beevis is the bestselling author of Dying To Tell, Deep Dark Secrets, The Sleepover and The Summer House. Her other titles include Trust No One, Every Little Breath, The People Next Door, and The Boat House.

She lives in Norfolk, England, with her two naughty kitties, Ellie and Lola, and a plentiful supply of red wine (her writing fuel).

In 2022, Keri signed with Boldwood Books. Her first release with them, The Sleepover, was a top 10 bestseller in the UK. The Summer House was a global smash hit.

Keri's brand new psychological thriller, Nowhere To Hide, is out 2nd April 2024.

Find out more about Keri and her books on her website or by following her on social media.







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