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One Liar Left

Detective Freya Sinclair #2

Narrator: Amelia Sciandra

Hachette UK | Bookouture

ISBN: 9781835255889

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: 04/22/2024

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars (ARC)


The one killer Detective Freya Sinclair never caught is back…

High up in the mountains of Clear Creek Forest, where mist clings to the pines, the bodies of Millie Woodward and Jolie Marin are discovered by their fading campfire.

Could this be the work of the notorious Fawn Lake Killer? This forest was once his hunting ground. And Freya knows the tattered, red woolen scarf wound tightly around Jolie’s neck is hiding his chilling MO. Her throat has been cut.

The one case Freya has never solved has haunted her for years. She knows the Fawn Lake Killer is organized, that he never leaves any DNA. But why did he stop, and why has he resurfaced now? Before she can even search the forest, Freya makes a heart-breaking discovery in her own backyard: the body of Annaliese Nowland, her long blonde hair fanned out in the tall grass. Annaliese’s tongue is missing. Freya knows it’s a message: he’s silencing these women. And taunting Freya.

Working day and night to make a connection, Freya finally uncovers the missing puzzle piece: a photograph of all three victims in high school together. But there’s a fourth woman in the photo, her face turned slightly away from the camera. Freya must track her down before it is too late.

Freya won’t let the past repeat itself. Did these women die because of her failure, or is she overlooking a vital clue that points to someone close to home? Freya must face her demons if she’s going to stop this predator taking another innocent life. But he’s one step ahead. And he’s coming for her…

An unputdownable mystery thriller perfect for fans of Melinda Leigh, Rachel McLean and Mary Stone. Prepare to sleep with the lights on!

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About The Author

Emily Shiner always dreamed of becoming an author. After spending years devouring stacks of thrillers, she decided to try her hand at writing them herself. Now she gets to live out her dream of writing novels and sharing her stories with people around the world. She lives in the Appalachian Mountains and loves hiking with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

My Review

Emily Shiner returns following Three Drowned Girls, the first in the new Detective Freya Sinclair series with the second in the series, ONE LIAR LEFT. The one killer Freya never caught may be back—the Fawn Lake killer. Freya won't let the past repeat itself. But he's one step ahead. And he's coming for her…

Detective Freya Sinclair is back, this time investigating the murders of two women found in the Clear Creek forest and leading to more and a serial killer.

Freya must face her demons if she even stands a chance of stopping this predator. But he's one step ahead. And he's coming for her…

The book opens with the scene of a murder. It appears the killer wants revenge for something she has done. He knows her name and wants to silence her. He had followed and watched. She knows she will not make it out alive. He knew what she did.

The autopsy results appear to be related to the Fawn Lake Killer, who was never caught. Why is he back now?

Then another victim is found near Freyas, and she realizes he may be teasing her. Their tongues are missing. How are the two women connected?

Freya, the Captain, and her detectives, Candy and Brad, are on the case. It had been ten years since they had seen any sign of the killer. The chief says it could be a copycat or an accident.

Freya thinks differently. She knows his MO. Some cases never left you. The Fawn Lake Killer was one of those cases. No matter how she tried to forget it, the memory would not leave her alone.

However, the last time he sent her a letter after the killing. Will he do the same again? This time, the letter goes to Candy. Then Esther receives a package.

The past meets the present. From high school, girls that are friends, a death, a quarry, past misdeeds, and a killer playing mind games. Is someone out for revenge?

The killer seems to be taking his time, thinking things through. He follows the first girl, Jolie, up the mountain and then hunts down Annaliese and Courtney after killing Jolie. Who is next. What is the connection?

Will Freya and her team be able to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again? Who is the murderer and his motive?

ONE LIAR LEFT is engrossing and action-packed! Complex and twisty and a psychopath to track down.

The two enthralling crime/psychological suspense thrillers (1 & 2) will keep you up past your bedtime. Featuring a tenacious, flawed Detective, you will root for while anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

Shiner, the queen of revenge plots, always keeps the twist and suspense coming. Let's hope we see a prequel (.5 novella ) set before Freya becomes a detective and her traumatic childhood.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced digital reading copy.

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Pub Date: April 22, 2024

My Rating: 5 Stars




Detective Frey Sinclair #1

When Freya Sinclair was a little girl, she had no idea what her parents were hiding in the basement of her childhood home…

After five years away from her hometown of Fawn Lake, Detective Freya Sinclair isn’t expecting a warm welcome from the people she’s sworn to protect. She became a detective to bring serial killers like her parents to justice, but the tight-knit North Carolinian community can’t see past her twisted roots.

Audio, Paperback, e-book formats

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