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Open House

ISBN: 1542092655

Publisher: Little A

Publication Date: 12/01/20

Format: Kindle

My Rating: 4 Stars

A missing young woman, ten years gone. A town still held in the grip of an unsolved mystery. A breathtaking novel of psychological suspense by the bestselling author of We Were Mothers.

A decade ago in upstate New York, art student Emma McCullough walked into the woods and was never seen again. It’s a mystery that still haunts her bucolic university town and her broken family, especially her sister Haley, whose need for closure has become an obsession. But now, finally, the first piece of evidence in the vanishing has been found: Emma’s bracelet, lodged in a frozen piece of earth at the bottom of a gorge. For Emma’s three best college friends, for a beloved former teacher, and for Haley, the chilling trinket is more than a clue in a resurrected cold case. It’s a trigger.

Then a woman is attacked during an open house, and the connections between the two crimes, ten winters apart, begin to surface. So do the secrets that run as deep and dark as the currents in this quiet river town.



“Part murder mystery, part interpersonal drama, a serviceable who-done-it (or did anyone?) with a host of compelling characters…this novel has just enough twists to keep its readers along for the ride. Sleuths will delight in piecing together clues and untangling lies alongside the protagonists.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Sise (We Were Mothers) weaves together the stories of two crimes in Waverly, N.Y., in this crafty novel…Sise’s talent is her ability to keep readers guessing about which character might be covering for whom, and she keeps the surprises coming. This will appeal to fans of Big Little Lies.” —Publishers Weekly

“Sise captures the insular nature of small towns in this domestic drama, and a series of unpredictable twists makes everyone the culprit for at least a little while. The resolution is satisfying, and an epilogue, set five years after the mystery is solved, shows that justice has been served. Readers who enjoy suspense fiction with a strong focus on relationships, like that of Liane Moriarty or Jessica Knoll, will be drawn into the McCulloughs’ story.” —Booklist

“This twisty tale is full of secrets and thrills sure to keep you interested in what is going on through the very end.” —Book Riot


About the Author

Katie Sise is an author, jewelry designer, and television host. Lucky magazine has called her a "Designer to Watch," and her company has appeared in most major fashion magazines, including Vogue, W, Elle, Self, and many more. Katie is the author of The Academy, The Pretty App, The Boyfriend App and Creative Girl: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Talent and Creativity into a Real Career. Website







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