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PlantPure Comfort Food

Over 100 Plant-Based and Mostly Gluten-Free Recipes to Nourish Your Body and Soothe Your Soul

ISBN: 9781637742273

Publisher: BenBella Books

Publication Date 12/13/2022

Format: Paperback & e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars (ARC)

Discover new whole food recipes and plant-based recreations of traditional family dishes—with no oil, often no gluten, and lots of rich, satisfying flavor

Good health begins in the kitchen, and great recipes make switching to—or maintaining—a plant-based diet easy.

In PlantPure Comfort Food, Kim Campbell—Director of Culinary Education and Development at PlantPure and daughter-in-law of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the “science father” of the modern plant-based nutrition movement—offers comfort food recipes to satisfy a wide range of palates, making a healthy, plant-based lifestyle more accessible than ever. From enchiladas to pho bowls to buffalo pot pie, the possibilities for plant-based eating are endless—and delicious!

This third PlantPure cookbook offers over 100 reinventions of comforting culinary classics, including:

Southern Style Polenta and Greens

Lasagna Stew

Spinach Quesadillas

Chickpea Tikka Masala

Samosa Burritos

Pad Thai Zoodles

Sweet Potato Spice Muffins

Apple Cranberry Crisp

Plus, Campbell offers helpful suggestions on how to swap out flavors and ingredients to truly make these recipes your own, as well as detailed guidelines for swapping meat, dairy, and egg for whole plant substitutes in your own family’s favorite dishes.

Food is a vital part of who we are. It’s what brings us together, connects us to tradition, and feeds us, physically and spiritually. Create for your family a new tradition of delicious, sustaining, health-promoting whole plant foods. Give them the gift of a plant-pure table.

My Review

Kim Campbell, one of the finest plant-based chefs, knows how to make whole food recipes taste fabulous, offering a delectable and easy-to-follow cookbook —PLANTPURE COMFORT FOOD.

With over 100 Plant-Based and Mostly Gluten-Free Recipes to Nourish Your Body and Soothe Your Soul, with the comfort of knowing you are eating healthy yet not giving up taste.

As a vegan for many years with numerous food allergies, including gluten and many others, I have found it very difficult to find a good cookbook that works for me.

In addition to food allergies, I also have a rare disease, Giant Cell Arteritis (temporal arteritis). Inflammation of the lining of your arteries (Vasculitis) which you can go blind if attacks the optic nerve. I also have a demyelinating disease (like MS). In this disorder, your immune system attacks the myelin sheath or the cells that produce and maintain it.

I am on long-term high dosages of steroids to combat the inflammation (for the last year), which further causes a slew of tasty side effects that puts you in a drug-induced Cushings Syndrome (including weight gain, and edema, among others).

Proper foods are essential to control food allergies and inflammation, and Kim makes it easy for you in this PLANTPURE Comfort food. Due to these health issues, I have not dined out in years and must prepare food at home to assist with these ongoing health factors.

BEST PART: The healthy oil-free cooking, gluten-free, and egg/meat substitutes are unique about this cookbook. (this is rare to find, which I love and find very helpful). I am highly allergic to eggs, dairy, and numerous other foods and do not eat meat, low sodium, no sugar, or processed foods.

In addition to the table of contents (recipe index), easy-to-prepare tasty recipes, substitutes, and wealth of information, the critical elements of a good cookbook are photos. It has it all—beautiful photography will make your mouth water.

You will find the following categories:

Pantry Makeover

Equipping Your Kitchen

Dairy and Egg Substitutes

Swap Meat for Whole Plant Substitutes

Basic Ingredient Substitutions

Oil-Free Cooking Strategies

Measurements and Conversions

Temperature Conversions

Grain Cooking Charts



Soups and Stews


Spice Blends


Dressings and Sauces

Sandwiches and Wraps

Appetizers and Dips

PlantPure Comfort Food

Instant Pot Recipes

Holiday Recipes

On the Sweeter Side

Each includes ingredients, easy-to-follow directions, tips, and hints.

I highly recommend this collection of recipes and must-have cookbook essential for your kitchen. PlantPure Comfort Food is not just a pretty book for your shelf but one you will use and vital for anyone who wants better health and to follow a whole food plant-based diet.

No matter your food journey, whether you are a long-time vegan, have food allergies or are a beginner, Campbell has mastered comfort food with delicious, healthy recipes with easy-to-prepare nutritious meals anytime.

If you want to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet, this is the book! I have tried many of the recipes and look forward to trying more. I highly recommend it!

Thank you to #BenBellaBooks and #NetGalley for an e-ARC to read, review, and enjoy. I also purchased the paperback copy.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 5 🌟Stars

Pub Date: Dec 13, 2022

About the Author

Kim Campbell is the author of the PlantPure Nation and the PlantPure Kitchen cookbooks. She developed more than 250 delicious whole food plant-based recipes using no processed oils. Kim is also the Director of Culinary Education and Development at PlantPure, where she helps to develop new food products and deliver educational programming.

Kim graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Human Service Studies and a concentration in Nutrition and Child Development. She taught in elementary and middle school classrooms for over 10 years. Her passion has always been nutrition education for children, families, and adults. Kim has been a plant-based cook for more than 35 years cooking for her family and friends. Her love of culinary goes back to her early childhood growing up in a large traditional family. Kim is gifted at creating traditional American cuisine using 100% accessible plant-based ingredients. She builds flavors and textures that are familiar to most people, helping to make the transition to plant-based diet easier for people. READ MORE







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