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The Chase

ISBN: 9781250837035

Publisher: Macmillan Audio/Forge Books

Publication Date: 03/08/2022

Format: Audiobook

Narrated by: David de Vries and Lisa Negron

My Rating: 4 Stars (ARC)

A Macmillan Audio production from Forge Books

The Chase is a modern The Fugitive with characters only #1 New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author Candice Fox can write.

“Are you listening, Warden?”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to let them out.”

“Which inmates are we talking about?”

“All of them.”

When 650 of the world’s most violent human beings pour out of the Pronghorn Correctional Facility into the Nevada Desert, the biggest manhunt in US history begins.

For John Kradle, this is his chance to prove his innocence, twenty-six years after the murder of his wife and child. He just needs to stay one step ahead of the law enforcement officers he knows will be chasing down the escapees.

Death Row Supervisor turned fugitive-hunter Celine Osbourne is single-minded in her mission to catch Kradle. She has very personal reasons for hating him – and she knows exactly where he’s heading...

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This engrossing new variation on The Fugitive sets a female U.S. marshal every bit as relentless as Sam Gerard against a runaway prisoner as compelling as Richard Kimble...This one is her best yet." ―Booklist, starred review

“One of our brightest crime fiction stars.”

―Adrian McKinty, New York Times bestselling author of The Chain

“If you haven't read Candice Fox yet, you're missing out! I can't wait to read what this talented writer does next!”

―Chevy Stevens

“A bright new star of crime fiction.”

―James Patterson

“Definitely a writer to watch.”

―Harlan Coben

“Sign me up as a big-time Fox fan!”

―Lee Child

‘Masterful… Definitely a writer to watch.’

—Harlan Coben

‘An important new voice… breathtaking.’

—The Sydney Morning Herald

‘A bright new star of crime fiction.’

—James Patterson

‘One of the stand out thrillers of the past few years.’

—The Chronicle

My Review

My first book by the talented Candice Fox was the introduction of Hades (Archer & Bennett #1) back in 2015, and then I could not wait for #2 and #3Eden and Fall: Thriller.

Once you read her books, you know she has a unique style delving deep into the darkness of humanity. I adore her dark humor and how she balances it all to make her characters test their limits. But there is always some goodness from her character's brokenness and tragedy.


Her latest, THE CHASE is yet another explosive wild ride. A chilling, propulsive suspense thriller that will keep you turning the pages. What an opening! Mood set for high adrenaline and action.

650 of the world's most violent human beings pour out from Pronghorn Correctional Facility, a maximum-security correctional facility, into the Nevada Desert, the most extensive manhunt in US history begins.

It was a day for families and sports. The families of those imprisoned are held on a bus unless the prisoners are let loose.

John Kradle sees this as a chance to provide his innocence. He was sent to prison for the murder of his wife and child twenty-six years earlier. His story is the most intriguing.

Next, the death row supervisor, Celine Osbourne, has a fixation on John Kradle due to her traumatic past. With this many hazardous criminals set loose to do ultimate damage, she is focused on this man.

The prison break includes serial murderers, pedophiles, rapists, terrorists, and a neo-Nazi. US Marshall Trinity Parker thinks Osbourne could be a little obsessed with Kradle.

With alternating chapters, side storylines provide the background of many of the prisoners. However, as a reader, you are interested in the whodunit.

It was also interesting to see how the prisoners reacted to the outside world. Some just wanted to enjoy their short-lived freedom, others slipped out, and some had a driving purpose. Without money or transportation, their choices are limited.

Fox taps into some critical issues we experience today in our prison system: budgets, overcrowded, understaffed, and innocent prisoners behind bars and on death row.

The author's character development is highly creative, showcasing the different personalities. My favorite part of the story was seeing how this wrapped up with Kradle and Osborne. Also, the two women (Trinity and Celine) are strong-willed and tenacious. It was also fun to hear the dialogue and banter between these two. LOL.

There is more than one driving force, but the Osbourne/Kradle is the most intriguing. Highly entertaining! I was glued to the audiobook and found myself not wanting to put it down.

Candice Fox is a brilliant writer with fifteen books, including her co-authored work with James Patterson.

A special thank you to #NetGalley and #MacmillanAudio for an ARC audiobook narrated by David de Vries and Lisa Negron for a highly entertaining performance.

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@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 4 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Pub Date: 08 March 2022

About the Author

Hades, Candice Fox’s first novel, won the Ned Kelly Award for best debut in 2014 from the Australian Crime Writers Association. The sequel, Eden, won the Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel in 2015, making Candice only the second author to win these accolades back-to-back. She is also the author of the bestselling Fall, Crimson Lake and Redemption Point, all shortlisted for Ned Kelly and Davitt Awards.

In 2015 Candice began collaborating with James Patterson. Their first novel together, Never Never, set in the vast Australian outback, was a huge bestseller in Australia and went straight to number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list in the US and also to the top of the charts in the UK. Since then they have written Black & Blue, Fifty Fifty, Liar Liar, Hush Hush in the Harriet Blue series. Her books are printed in fifteen languages.

Born in 1985, Candice is the middle child of a large, eccentric family from Sydney’s western suburbs composed of half-, adopted and pseudo siblings. The daughter of an enthusiastic foster-carer, Candice spent her childhood listening around corners to tales of violence, madness and evil from the cops and childcare authorities who frequented her home.

Bankstown born and bred, she failed to conform to military life in a brief stint as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy at age eighteen. At twenty, she turned her hand to academia, and taught high school through two undergraduate and two postgraduate degrees. She is a crafter, animal-lover and wine drinker living in Sydney. WEBSITE







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