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The Doctor's Wife

Narrators: Sarah Durham, David Wayman

ISBN: 9781803149400

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: 01/31/2023

Format: e-book & audiobook

My Rating: 4 Stars (ARC)

He thinks his secret is safe. But she knows the truth…

My husband is a doctor. He’s smart and charming and everybody trusts him. Except me.

On the surface, it looks like I have it all – the perfect marriage, the perfect husband, the perfect life. But it’s far from the truth.

Doctor Drew Devlin is not the respectable figure he makes out to be. The reason we moved to this beautiful, old property with a gorgeous view of the sea was because we needed to put our past behind us. It should’ve been a fresh start for us both.

Except I’ve discovered my husband has been lying to me again. He’s using the power he has in his job to mess with people’s lives and to get exactly what he wants – no matter who it hurts.

But he’s underestimated me. I’ve had plenty of time, in this big, isolated house, to think about all of his mistakes.

And my husband has no idea what’s about to happen next…

From the number one bestselling author of The Passenger, an absolutely gripping psychological thriller packed with jaw-dropping twists that will keep you reading late into the night.

If you love Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl, and The Housemaid, you’ll be hooked on The Doctor’s Wife.

My Review

Daniel Hurst, the king of twisted domestic suspense, returns following The Couple in the Cabin and The New Year's Party with his latest, THE DOCTOR'S WIFE —a wickedly twisted game of cat-and-mouse between two couples, where nothing is as it appears. Unreliable narrators.

Is The Perfect Marriage the Perfect Illusion? Can they trust one another?

WIFE: Pretty. Pleasant. Naive. Meek and mild. The seemingly perfect doctor's wife appears to be the victim. However, the opposite. Cold and calculating, and wants REVENGE.

HUSBAND: Charming. Narcissistic. Good-looking. A doctor. Money. A secret affair. The husband thinks his wife would never suspect. He has been so careful. Now he will have his mistress back, and he will have it all. Life could not be better. Little does he know what is to come.

Meet Fern and Drew Devine. Who is the psychopath?

From the city residing in Manchester, England now moving to a waterside home that overlooks Solway First, between England and Scotland. A quaint remote seaside village town, Arberness.

Drew, the doctor, was having an affair back in Manchester with Alice (who is married to Rory). She broke it off and moved with her hubby to this quaint village, Arberness. Rory is in IT and can work from anywhere.

Drew, the entitled doctor, decides he will follow Alice (without telling her). Sells their city house, buys this idyllic seaside home and moves his wife, Fern, to try and rekindle his affair with Alice.

Of course, Alice is unhappy when she discovers he has followed her there. The nerve to invade her space—appalled. So maybe Drew's plan was not the best think? But he is persistent.

Fern is not happy moving from the city to the countryside. But Drew convinces her they can spend more time together as his patient load will be less. Yeah, right? However, it is all about what Drew wants, and he usually gets his way.

Well, that is about to change.

Alice tries to be happy in the new town with her hubby. She even gets involved with some community work with Alice and meets her hubby, Rory. She even invites them over for dinner.

Fern knows more than you think. Soon Drew wears down Alice, and their affair starts up again. He thinks Fern is unaware of his dirty secrets.

However, Alice has a plan of her own. It is well-planned and executed.

Now, who has the upper hand? Who is the mouse, and who is the cat? Predator or prey?

Drew has his secrets, and Fern has hers. How far will Fern go to keep her secrets? Never underestimate a woman.

Told from POVs Drew and Fern past and present and one month later. We get to hear from both sides.

The author cleverly pulls out a few more twists that will have your jaws dropping, and the final jab (Epilogue) adds a new cat-and-mouse game that will leave you wickedly smiling. How well do we know those closest to us?

THE DOCTOR'S WIFE crackles with dark energy— in the vein of Kaira Rouda's BEST DAY EVER (best dark humor), an addictive twisty domestic suspense of deception and betrayal that will destroy more than one marriage— more than one life.

An entertaining popcorn thriller, clever and disturbing—however, I wish it had a little more sarcastic dark humor. Even though I did not enjoy it quite as much as The Couple in the Cabin (his BEST, I have read thus far and Top books of 2022) and his recent holiday thriller, The New Year's Party; however, THE DOCTOR'S WIFE had no likable characters but was a fun, unpredictable twisty suspense.

I have recently discovered Daniel, enjoying his newsletters and books and making my way through his backlist with many audiobooks and e-books in between all my ARC and new releases.

If you enjoy US authors Kaira Rouda or Kimberly Belle, (or Freida McFadden, Miranda Rijks, K.L. Slater, and Valerie Keogh), give Daniel a whirl! Always fun to see what secrets lie behind marriages and closed doors.

I also enjoyed the audiobook narrated by Sarah Durham and David Wayman for an engaging performance for all voices.

Thanks to #Bookouture and #NetGalley for a gifted ARC and ALC.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

My Rating: 4 Stars

Pub Date: Jan 31, 2023


About the Author

Daniel Hurst is the author of several bestselling psychological thrillers including 'The Passenger', 'We Used To Live Here' and 'Til Death Do Us Part'. His books have been the #1 Psychological Thrillers in the UK and Australia and regularly feature in the Amazon Top 100 charts.

He is also the creator of The 20 Minute Series, the series of psychological books which readers have called “original” and “addictive” and 'like a soap opera in book form."

You can visit him at, where you can also download a copy of his FREE thriller 'Just One Second.' WEBSITE







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