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The Forgotten Ones

Series: Kate Reid #16


Publisher: Harp House Publishing

Publication Date: 09/10/2023

Format: e-book

My Rating: 5 Stars

When a string of inexplicable disappearances plagues an indigenous community, tribal law enforcement is on high alert. Yet no one could have expected the gruesome discovery made near an oil pipeline facility, pushing the case into FBI jurisdiction. It isn’t until these disappearances become horrific murders that elite profiler, Special Agent Kate Reid, is brought in to join the case.

Evidence points to the obvious, yet Kate's suspicions are raised when long-standing issues on the reservation come to light. Now, she enlists the help of Agent Jonathan Surrey, along with support from the rest of the FBI’s BAU team as they search for the killer.

In a race to track down their suspect, time is running out for a kidnapped woman believed to be the latest victim, who still clings to life. In this escalating trend of missing indigenous women nationwide, Kate must stop the killer in his tracks before it’s too late.

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The Kate Reid Thrillers

Follow Kate's journey as she learns the truth about her past and what awaits her future.

About the Author

​Robin Mahle has published more than 30 novels in the mystery/thriller genre. She also writes historical fiction as Christine Chase. ​

Her most recent series, the Detective Rebecca Ellis thrillers, are published by Inkubator Books.

​It is Robin’s fast-paced style of storytelling combined with tense action and thrilling twists that bring her readers back for more. So be sure sure to subscribe to her newsletter to keep up on all the latest releases, sales, and giveaways. Go to and sign up today!

Robin lives in Coastal Virginia with her husband and two children. WEBSITE

Rebecca Ellis Series


I'm thrilled to introduce you to my newest and first detective series! Bangor Police Detective Rebecca Ellis has big shoes to fill as she works to emerge from the shadow of her father, legendary Detective Hank Ellis.

Follow her on this journey to find justice in the small city in Maine, where she must outrun a troubled past so she can discover her future. BUY THE BOOKS







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