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The Hotel Maid


Publisher: Storm Publishing

Publication Date: 08/23/2024

Format: e-book

My Rating: TBR

I straighten the apron wrapped around my waist and swipe the key card in the guest room door. As I place the cleaning bucket by my feet, I see the woman lying unmoving on the plush carpet, her eyes frozen.

Each morning, I arrive at the luxury Cedarwood Manor hotel, put on my crisp maid’s uniform and clean the rooms. I take great care in my work as I slip from one floor to the other.

Most guests barely know my name. I’m invisible to them. That’s ok. I prefer people didn’t know my secrets.

But today a woman has been found dead in her room and a ten-year-old little girl has been reported missing from the hotel.

Today, someone has left me a note saying they know who I am.

But they must be mistaken. I’ll make sure they are.

A tense ‘just one more page’ emotional rollercoaster of a read that will have you racing to the twisty end. Readers of The Woman in the Window, The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl will be absolutely gripped by The Hotel Maid.

About the Author

Michelle Dunne is a crime and thriller writer from Cork whose new psychological The Hotel Maid, will be released in August 24. This follows June Calloway, a maid who finds the body of a murdered woman in her hotel room, just as a child is reported missing on hotel grounds.

Her bestselling thriller The Good Girl published in March 24 with audiobook following in June. It begs the question: Would you know a serial killer if you met one? What if she served you your coffee every day?

Michelle also wrote While Nobody is Watching and The Invisible, a series of thrillers following former soldier and UN Peacekeeper Lindsey Ryan as she tries to adapt to her new life in the clutches of PTSD. The series is currently in development for television and is inspired by Michelle’s own experiences as an infantry soldier and United Nations Peacekeeper.

Michelle is organiser and programmer of the Spike Island Literary Festival – a crime-themed festival set in Ireland's very own Alcatraz!







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