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The House Beyond the Dunes

By: Mary Burton

ISBN: 978-1542038676

Publisher: Montlake

Publication Date: 09/05/2023

Format: Other

My Rating: TBR (ARC)


A tragic accident or something more sinister? A woman’s buried memories put her life at risk in a novel of shattering psychological suspense by New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton.

Lane McCord wakes up in a hospital having survived a near-fatal fall at a North Carolina beach cottage. Her boyfriend, Kyle, wasn’t so lucky. A senseless tragedy on their first romantic getaway. All Lane remembers is lying at the bottom of the stairs in Kyle’s pooling blood.

Confused and grieving, Lane plans to return to the cottage, collect her personal belongings, and get out. Until a winter rainstorm leaves her stranded and vulnerable, but not alone. A concerned neighbor, who claims he heard a violent argument before the accident, has come out of the storm. So has a suspicious detective on the trail of a missing woman, whose diary deepens the mystery—and raises more questions that fill Lane with dread.

How well did she know Kyle? How well does she know herself? What really happened at the cottage on the beach? And when the answers come, who can Lane trust to get out of this waking nightmare alive?

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About the Author

Mary Burton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty-five romance and suspense novels, including The Lies I Told, Don’t Look Now, Near You, Burn You Twice, and Never Look Back, as well as five novellas. She currently lives in North Carolina, with her husband and three miniature dachshunds. For more information, visit

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