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The Lies


Publisher: Wooded Hill Books

Publication Date: 09/09/2023

Format: e-book

My Rating: 4 Stars

How far would you go to get what you want?

When Samantha and David decide to have a night out separately with their friends, events overtake them, and the lies lead them down a path of destruction.

To everyone else, it looked like Samantha and David had the perfect life. From meeting at university and falling in love to starting a successful business together, they made a great team. However, as everybody knows, appearances can be deceptive…

That one night out changed everything between them and things would never be the same again; not unless they could face up to their own truths and correct the wrongs.

Neither thought they could become the people they became and do the things they did. But that’s just what happens when two people wronged become consumed by a need for the truth, for justice, and ultimately, for the price to be paid.

If either of them had let it go, it could have all been so different – but neither of them could.

The fast paced and gripping debut novel from crime and psychological thriller author Mark Hurst that will keep you turning the pages as you try to answer the question yourself – could you have let it go?

About the Author

Mark Hurst is a crime and psychological thriller author from the North West of England. With a career in construction, and after being inspired by his son, Daniel, he began pursuing his own passion for storytelling and will be releasing his first full-length books very soon...WEBSITE


Born and raised in Bolton, UK, a true Lancastrian and a child of the sixties, Mark finally decided to pursue his passion for storytelling after a long and eventful career in a completely different industry, that sometimes involved more fiction than fact!

He entered construction at the age of 18 and has been involved with hundreds of large civil engineering projects for the last 40 years as a Civil Engineer and Surveyor, Estimator and Commercial Director, working in various far flung locations such as Hong Kong, Scandinavia and Wigan.

Mark has a passion for reading legal, crime and psychological thrillers; he often claims he can predict the end to a story … and when he gets it wrong, he’s pleasantly surprised. He also enjoys first hand accounts of military and espionage events and when he’s not reading and writing, he can be found watching the History Channel.

Married with two grown children and four grandchildren, his son Daniel convinced him it was time to start committing some of his own stories to print … and there are a few. Drawing on his own life experiences, Mark weaves them into his stories but with a twist … it all could have happened.

Why Wooded Hill Books?

The origin of the surname Hurst – ancient Anglo-Saxon topographic name for someone who lived near a wooded hill or thicket.

Mark Hurst

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The Last Woman?







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