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Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

ISBN: 9781696615372

Publisher: Highbridge Audio

Publication Date: 05/21/2024

Format: Audiobook

My Rating: Currently Listening (ARC)

Former FBI director James Comey takes listeners into the world of high finance and corporate espionage in this riveting thriller.

It's been two years since Nora Carleton left the job she loved at the US Attorney's Office to become lead counsel at Saugatuck Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. The career change also meant a change of scenery, relocating her to Westport, Connecticut, fifty miles north of New York City. But it was worth it to get her daughter, Sophie, away from the city. Plus, she likes the people she works with. Especially Helen, who recruited Nora because of her skills as an investigator.

Then Nora's new life falls apart when a coworker is murdered and she becomes the lead suspect. Nora calls in her old colleagues from the US Attorney's Office, Mafia investigator Benny Dugan and attorney Carmen Garcia. To clear Nora's name, Benny and Carmen hunt for the true killer's motive, but it seems nearly everyone at Saugatuck has secrets worth killing for. As Benny sets out to interrogate her colleagues, Nora examines her history with the company to determine who set her up to take the fall.


"This is a really good mystery―expertly told and filled with the sort of detail only an insider could provide, including intrigue at the world’s largest hedge fund. Once I picked it up, I was hooked."

― Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of House on Fire

"Entertaining . . . [A] crowd-pleasing blend of financial thriller and Agatha Christie-esque whodunit. A third entry in the series would be welcome."

― Publishers Weekly

"Intricately constructed with plenty of surprises . . . A sterling follow-up to Comey’s smashing debut."

― Booklist

"Brimming with been-there-done-that authority, it’s clear James Comey knows this world like the back of his hand. And he delivers it with the addictive style of an expert storyteller."

― Michael Connelly on Central Park West

About the Author

Since graduating from the College of William and Mary in 1982 and the University of Chicago Law School in 1985, James Comey has been a prosecutor, defense lawyer, general counsel, teacher, writer, and leader. He most recently served in government as Director of the FBI. His best-selling book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” was published in 2018 and made into a 2020 television limited-series. His second book, “Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust,” also a New York Times best-seller, was published in 2021.

“Westport,” the second book in a New York-based crime novel trilogy drawn from his career, will be published in May 2024, following on the 2023 release of the critically acclaimed “Central Park West.”

Jim (as he is known to family and friends) and his wife, Patrice, live in Virginia and are the parents of five and grandparents (so far) of four. WEBSITE

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