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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

You'll Never Know I'm Here

Narrator: Stacy Gonzalez

ISBN: 9781666656589

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Publication Date: 02/27/2024

Format: Audio

My Rating: 4 Stars (ALC)

When six book influencers take a weekend getaway to connect with their fellow creators, it’s meant to be a chance to relax, collaborate, and discuss all of the books they love.

But from the start, something’s clearly amiss. From the host’s mysterious absence and an unexpected guest to an odd occurrence in town and the strange and worrisome behavior of the neighbors, what starts out as an innocent and lively vacation quickly becomes a weekend filled with terror. And when one of the group members believes they see something horrifying at the house next door, their carefully laid plans begin to unravel.

Drawn into a mystery that runs far deeper and is more sinister than they could’ve imagined—and surrounded by those who refute their story—the group struggles to unearth the truth about the house and the couple next door before it’s too late.

As new questions and shocking revelations surface, the group must decide if they can trust each other—not only with their safety in the house but also with their lives entirely.

Listeners’ worst nightmares come to life in this terrifying new thriller that tests the limits of friendship, explores the power of social media influence, digs into the depths of trust, and examines the desperate and dangerous lengths of obsession.

My Review

Kiersten Modglin's latest thriller, YOU'LL NEVER KNOW I'M HERE, is about six book influencers meeting up after connecting online. It sounds like a dream weekend, or could it be a living nightmare—something they all know all too well from the books they read.

Six book influencers plan a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast to relax and discuss BOOKS. What is not to love? Right? They recommend thrillers and mysteries on social media. They write reviews. They are avid readers and book influencers. Who is reading and listening?

Lena, Mara, Paulette, Logan, Austin, and Ethan agree to meet at a remote B&B centrally located to fly in from different states for a fun weekend getaway and meet one another in person. Some have met previously.

Ethan booked the venue. However, it lacks amenities and things to do in this sleepy town. Memphis ends up as a last-minute replacement.

But something is off. The host is absent and an unexpected guest. Then, something sinister occurs with the neighbors, creating a locked-in thriller atmosphere like the fictional thrillers they read. Is is reality?

The group tries to solve the mystery of what is real and second-guesses their sanity.

They must escape this nightmare as the terror becomes more frightening! What is going on, and what is up with the strange people next door? Are the cops in on it, as they act like they did not see what they saw? Things get more creepy, bizarre, and unexplainable.

Their worst nightmares come to life in YOU'LL NEVER KNOW I'M HERE —a twisty, locked-room suspense thriller about the dangers of social media influences and obsession—a cautionary tale.

While I was not wowed by the crazy turn of events, or the ending, it was entertaining. I listened to the audiobook narrated by Stacy Gonzalez for a spine-chilling performance.

Thanks to Dreamscape Media and NetGalley for a gifted ALC in exchange for an honest review.

@JudithDCollins | #JDCMustReadBooks

Pub Date: Feb 27, 2024

My Rating: 4 Stars

About the Author

KIERSTEN MODGLIN is an Amazon Top 10 bestselling author of psychological thrillers. Her books have sold over a million copies and been translated into multiple languages. Kiersten is a member of International Thriller Writers, Novelists, Inc., and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She is a KDP Select All-Star and a recipient of ThrillerFix's Best Psychological Thriller Award, Suspense Magazine's Best Book of 2021 Award, a 2022 Silver Falchion for Best Suspense, and a 2022 Silver Falchion for Best Overall Book of 2021. Kiersten grew up in rural western Kentucky and later relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where she now lives with her family. Kiersten's readers across the world lovingly refer to her as "KMod." A binge-watching expert, psychology fanatic, and indoor enthusiast, Kiersten enjoys rainy days spent with her favorite people and evenings with her nose in a book.








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