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Early Childhood 
As a child, growing up in the South (Southeastern US —Piedmont Region) a native of  Charlotte, North Carolina area, where you could find her with her nose in a book, most of the time.
Her favorite childhood pastime—taking books into the woods, or somewhere beautiful and peaceful, to find solace, a rainy day, or perhaps a porch swing, escaping — caught up in the characters, stories, and dreams; transported to another place or time. (She still enjoys and not a lot has changed).  
Shortly thereafter, by the time she was twelve, she was redesigning rooms, for her babysitting parents' homes- space planning, interior design and rearranging their furniture to create balance. 
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Judith D Collins bio
A vegan, wanderlust 
lover of nature- adventure
rustic log cabins- walks in the woods-waterfalls
porch swings- evening breezes-hammocks-rain-
tin roofs - 
mountains-seaside-islands, travel,
 solitude, design, art, architecture,
historic cities, 
photography, books,
healthy living, 
cycling, and hiking.


About Judith




Judith D. Collins (Judy) is a media professional with over 40 years of experience in publishing, advertising,  media, financial, interior design, hospitality, real estate investments, and online marketing in Atlanta, Carolinas, and Florida.


She started a marketing consulting company twelve years ago,  specializing in web design, web management, and development, storyboarding, graphic design, SEO, SEM, and content management. She has a variety of hotel and bestselling New York Times author clients and works on their podcasts and tv series teams.  She facilitates their website designs, blogs, newsletters, events, tours, social media, and book promotions. Delivering stand-out blogs and newsletters plus more. 


Judith is an avid reader and book blogger who loves new and upcoming releases.  A fan of fiction: thrillers, mystery, suspense, historical fiction, literary, and non-fiction. (see more below).  


She started her popular blog #JDCMustReadBooks in 2014.  A Top Reviewer on Amazon, NetGalley, Goodreads, and other popular book sites.  She loves e-books and audio (6 devices to ensure an auto-charge at all times); however, she likes to collect autographed hardcover copies of her favorite authors. She enjoys connecting with authors and fellow book lovers. 


Her popular monthly newsletters: Top New Books By Book Release Month, and host and creator of an Elevator Q&A Ride with the Author series, as well as her annual Top Books of the Year and author list.  


She resides full-time in West Palm Beach, FL in a high-rise downtown in the Arts and Entertainment District— overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and Palm Beach. She loves urban living (minus the hurricanes); however, in a perfect world, she would also have a second home in the mountains. But the back and forth— too hectic.  


An advocate of human rights and justice for causes, as well as successful fundraising and sponsorships.  A lover of nature and the autumn-fall season; scenic views, waterfalls, porches, gardening, log cabins, mountains, hammocks, swings, historic towns, rocking chairs, rain, and tin roofs. 


She is active across social media; enjoys reading, research, creating, designing, travel, cycling, and hiking (and misses her Big Canoe, GA mountain cabin) and Highlands, NC.  


Her favorite thing to do is read at home, with no interruptions. She enjoys listening to audiobooks.  A lover of solace. A lifelong insomniac, she envies anyone who can sleep restfully.  The only music she enjoys is either jazz or soothing nature spa music.  Her mind is too busy, thinking, and creating. 


She loves (demands) organization, is a perfectionist, a workaholic— loves anything creative. A true Virgo (and proud of it). A vegan, she is into healthy living and eating and a must for plant-based cooling.   


Must-haves: Good pillows, luxury bedding, air conditioning (preferably at 65 degrees year-round), air purifiers, prescription sunglasses, decaf cafe americano espresso, ultimate organization; laptop, tablet, and books.  


Where you will never catch her: A shopping mall, Black Friday, a buffet, or a cruise.  


When she is not reading (not much free time since she reads over 300+ books a year and 100+ audiobooks /podcasts)—she loves binge-watching the following videos/shows (while multi-tasking):   


Pearson, Suits, Younger, Council of Dads, Bosch, Good Behavior, Schitt's Creek, Will and Grace, This is Us, The Village, Life Itself, Bull, The Good Fight, NCIS New Orleans,  The Mentalist, The Affair, Goliath, The Good Wife, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Great Gatsby, Red Oaks, Greenleaf, Queen Sugar, Underground, and The Notebook (anything with Ryan Gosling), please. 


A mother of two grown sons and "Nana J" to two fabulous grandchildren Avery and Brady, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Fiction:  Adult, suspense, legal, crime, urban noirs, psycho, cop procedural thrillers, and mystery; southern, novellas, short stories, coming of age, contemporary, women's, literary, and historical fiction.
Non-Fiction:  Christian, memoirs, biography, literary, autobiography, legal, social, political, travel, social, business, plant-based cooking- especially vegan and gluten-free, due to allergies as well as integrative medicine. 
Not a huge fan of romance, science fiction, gothic, horror, supernatural or paranormal.  
Please contact Judith via her contact page for book review requests, and include a link to the book; if interested will respond. She has a full editorial calendar, working with NetGalley, and unable to respond to other requests.  


Judith also works with authors in a marketing business capacity.  She has worked with published international bestselling authors, assisting them with the launch of their new release, website design, interviews, book research image storytelling, marketing, book promotions, newsletters, hosting book giveaway contests, blog tours, graphic design, ongoing website content management, content strategy, social media management, SEO/SEM, e-marketing, and blogging.
Please email for rates of services. 
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I hope you enjoy my book blog, Top Books of the Month (recommendations), Top Books of the Year,  Elevator Ride with the Author (Q&A's) Interviews and reviews.  Please sign up for my monthly newsletters for all the latest.  (below) 
I look forward to connecting with authors, and other readers-  to talk books!  
Love discovering newfound authors, debuts, sharing my love of books, and devouring my favorite authors' latest releases, and their oldies, but goodies.  



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Book Blog 

Judith D Collins Must Read Books 

In 2014, Judith started her first book blog, centered around new and upcoming book releases at #JDCMustReadBooks   @JudithDCollins   
A top reviewer on NetGalley, Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing, and active on Twitter, Tumblr,  Instagram, Pinterest, Edelweiss, and LinkedIn.
Features include Reviews, Top Books of the Month,
Newsletters, Top Books of the Year, Author's Corner, and Elevator Ride with the Author Q&A.