NOTE:  List includes only new books published in 2019.  2020 ARCs read,  to be included on the 2020 list. 

A few more of my favorite audiobooks
& narrators of 2019! 

The narrators "make a book" and I highly recommend audiobooks!  A huge fan. I make a ton of recommendations and love hearing how much you enjoyed them.




Readers, if you are not an audiobook fan, give it a shot.  

I read/listened to 138 audiobooks in 2019. 


I often buy the book and the audio to accompany, since it syncs and if you have to run out, you can listen in the car or while you are shopping and it keeps your place.   


Hint: If you would like to keep a list or record of how many audiobooks you read in a year, an easy way to record:  Set up a shelf on Goodreads at the beginning of the year with "audiobooks read in 2020" or the year you want to measure.  Be sure and check the box, each time you listen and at year-end, you have the total broken out for you. Audible is the best $14.95 you can spend a month! Thank you, Goodreads for your amazing stats. 

BML podcast.jpg


New York Times Bestselling Author and Podcast Host

Join author Patti Callahan for a seven-part original podcasthat explores in depth the improbable and beautiful love story between C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman.  Pre-Order the Podcast audiobook 

including a special bonus episode and material, plus more. Coming  Jan 7, 2020.  

A Note 💕to These Special Authors
A very special "thank you" to the following magnificent authors for their time and dedication helping to connect readers and writers.  You are instrumental in making the project:  "An Elevator Ride with the Author" a huge success. It would not have been possible without you.  
There are no words to adequately express my deep appreciation to each of you.  I want to personally thank you and express how grateful I truly am.  Not only for your extraordinary talent and inspiring words—more importantly, going the extra mile in answering my "zillion" questions. I am truly honored to be a part of this special group of inspiring authors—your friendship and support mean the world to me.  I look forward to reading many more of your books in 2020 and many more interviews for years to come.
Thank you, readers and subscribers, for following and your continued support.  Thank you, for your inspiring notes, feedback, and emails about these fabulous interviews.  I will continue to strive to make them interesting and informative.  Thanks for a rewarding 2019. 
All the best for a great 2020!
—@JudithDCollins 🤗 #jdcmustreadbooks 

23 Outstanding Authors, Interviews, and Books 

Click on the links below for more (inside scoop) about the author and exclusive "behind-the-scenes" facts about the story behind the story. 

Happy Holidays 

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👉 Sneak Peek at 2020 🥂

Current working book reading list.  Subject to change 

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