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The Best Books of 2016 


 Top 50 Must Read Books of 2016

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List not in any particular order
Includes only 2016 new releases
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2016 All 5-Star Reviews 


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the Twenty-Three
The Heavens May Fall
Guilty Minds
Since She Went Away
The Twilight Wife
The God's Eye View
While You Were Sleeping
The Choices We Make
An Honorable Man
Livia Lone
The Underground Railroad
Leaving Blythe River
Echoes of Family
Swear on this Life
Sweet Tomorrows
When All the Girls Have Gone
Cold Cold Heart
The Language of Secrets
The Girl From the Savoy
The Girl Who Came Back
The Perfect Neighbors
The Things We Wish Were True
Because I'm Watching
The Perfect Girl
Baby Girl
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
Pure Food
Nothing Short of Dying
Somewhere Out There
First Comes Love
The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd
Chasing the North Star
The House of Secrets
Don't Say A Word
Throw Away Girls
Between Black and White
The Nest
Opening Belle
Swimsuit Body
The Year We Turned Forty
Change of Scene
The First Time She Drowned
I'll See You in Paris
The Restaurant Critic's Wife
the Newsmakers
The Whispering Hollows
the Good Good Bye
No One Knows
Fool Me Once
Find Her

2016 Special Mentions 

Best Young Adult

Best Novella 

Best Vegan Cookbook 

Best Devotional 

Best Urban Planning

Best Spiritual Growth  

2016 Best Children's Book Collection

Best Southern

Summer & Holiday 

Best New England 

Summer & Holiday 

Best Autism Domestic -Literary Fiction

Best Natural Health & Food -Public Affairs & Policy

Best Southern Summer Beach Cover 

Best Christian Fiction Mystery Suspense Thriller
New Series 

If I run

Featured Authors
On My Top Book List for *Three Consecutive Years
 2016, 2015, 2014  


  • Mary Kubica*

  • Kimberly S. Belle*

  • Karin Slaughter *

  • Charles Martin *





Top Book List by Year

2016  All Books by Release Month 


Two Years' Author Top BookList 

2015 & 2016

  • Michael Connelly

  • ​David Baldacci

  • Daniel Palmer

  • Michael Palmer

  • Michael Robotham

  • Susan Crawford

  • Laura McNeil

  • T. Greenwood 

2014 & 2015  

  • Dean Koontz

  • Paul Cleave 

  • Greg Iles

  • Diane Chamberlain

  • Jennifer Hillier 

  • Leslie Tentler

  • Sylvie Fox 


2014 & 2016


  • Catherine Ryan Hyde

  • Paula Treick DeBoard  

  • Jodi Picoult

  • John Grisham

Mary Kubica 

Maric Dubica

Kimberly S. Belle

Karin Slaughter

Congrats Charles!  


The Mountain Between Us 

Movie Coming Oct 20, 2017!


A pair survive a plane crash in the mountains where they are forced to trust each other and find safety while badly injured.

Director: Hany Abu-Assad
Writers: J. Mills Goodloe (screenplay), Charles Martin (novel) | 
Stars: Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, Marci T. House  Read More 


Charles Martin 

My #1 Favorite Author

Each Book 


Read More 











The Mountain Between Us 
Movie Coming Oct 2017 

Best Audiobook Narrator of 2016

Cassandra Campbell 

  • When Breath Becomes Air

  • The Whistler

  • Small Great Things





Tap Covers Below for Reviews and My Other Favorite audiobooks of  the  year
performed by Cassandra Campbell.  

.Cassandra Campbell -- What makes a good audiobook narrator? According to Cassandra Campbell, “Simplicity, honesty, clarity, and the ability to listen to the book. A good audiobook narrator is somebody who can get out of the way and let the story be the primary thing.”  Read More 

Tap on cover for review 

The Swans of Fifth Avenue
Inheriting Edith
The Choices We Make
The Arrangement
Somewhere Out There
The Light of Paris
We Could Be Beautiful
The Memory Box
What Was Mine
The Twilight Wife
The Lilac Girls

Other Favorite Male Audio Narrators of 2016


Peter Berkrot

  • Bronx Requiem (John Clarkson) Series: James Beck 

  • Only Love Can  Break Your Heart (Ed Tarkington) 


Titus Welliver 

  • The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Michael Connelly) Series: Harry Bosch 


Kyf Brewer 

  • No Man's Land (David Baldacci) Series: John Puller 

  • The Last Mile (David Baldacci)  Series: Amos Decker


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