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No One's Home

ISBN: 978-1542041546

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: 9/1/2019

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 5 Stars +++ Author Q&A Interview

Top Books of 2019 For fans of The Haunting of Hill House comes a dark tale of a mansion haunted by a legacy of tragedy and a family trapped by lies.

Margot and Myron Spielman move to a new town, looking for a fresh start and an escape from the long shadow of their past. But soon after they buy Rawlingswood, a foreclosed mansion rumored to be haunted, they realize they’re in for more of the same…or worse.

After a renovation fraught with injuries and setbacks, the Spielmans move in to the century-old house, and their problems quickly escalate. The home’s beautiful facade begins to crumble around them when their teenage son uncovers disturbing details of Rawlingswood’s history—a history of murder, betrayal, and financial ruin. The Spielmans’ own shameful secrets and lies become harder to hide as someone or something inside the house watches their every move.

As tensions build between the family members, the home’s dark history threatens to repeat itself. Margot and Myron must confront their own ghosts and Rawlingswood’s buried past before the house becomes their undoing.


My Review

OUTSTANDING!!!!! 5 Stars ++++ Check out the fabulous Elevator Q&A with the Author, coming Sept 1. 📢 I cannot stop thinking about these characters. You "must" read this book!!!

NO ONE'S HOME is brilliantly written. 🏆 One of the "Best" haunted house suspense thrillers I have ever read! I mean EVER! D. M. Pulley's "Best" yet.💕 I do not even read horror, nor supernatural, but this is NOT that kind of book. It is so much more. Once you pick it up, you cannot put it down. Everything is very realistic which is the scary part.

It reads like a riveting multi-generational historical fiction, a gripping domestic suspense, and a moving emotional family drama. You may even think shows: "Breaking Bad," "Underground Railroad," "The Great Gatsby," "The Haunting of Hill House," "This Is Us," HGTV, and a true-crime series, all rolled into one.

You may even shed a tear or two. (I did). A cross between historical and contemporary. The author juggles multiple timelines and families like a "rock star" 🙌 while keeping the tension high throughout the book. As a reader, you cannot wait to return to the next family. (I would love to see her writing space). More about that in the interview.

You will find yourself trying to determine which family story is more shattering. WOW! It is spine-chilling and would love to see a movie 🎬 based on this superb novel. It would be powerful. (A few things will remind you of "Breaking Bad"). Hunter and Benny (My two favorite characters). Both remind me of RJ Mitte (Walter "Flynn" White Jr.) and the parents also remind me of the show.

What makes this novel so spectacular is the inspiration behind the novel and the author's impeccable research. If you have read her previous books, you know she knows her way around history and architecture. She is a pro!

This brilliantly crafted story was inspired by the century homes of Shaker Heights, OH, and two real murders, and a rumor, plus a vacant home she toured in 2008. You will be Googling! The author also includes some fascinating research at the end of the book and even floor plans. Her writing is some of the BEST.

You will enjoy getting to know Rawlingswood. Talk about secrets??

Rawlings family: 1922-1931 Bell family: 1936-1972 Klussman family: 1972-1990 Martin family: 1994-2016

A house, rich in history, and many haunted and tormented souls.

No matter the generation, each family had its own set of problems. They are running from something. The author cleverly unravels each character's past at just the precise moment. Each one handles their grief in different ways. These characters will remain with you long after the book ends. I am hoping we see more of these characters in the future. Have you ever had a mystery break your heart?

If you can only read one book this year, this is one I would recommend! YES, it is that good! I was blown away. I have never read anything quite like it. Well done, DM Pulley! You knocked this out of the park. NO ONE'S HOME will be "topping" the charts. ⏫ Perfect for Halloween. 🎃

The last page was priceless. I cannot wait to hear everyone's thoughts after reading. Please keep me updated, readers. Which is your favorite family? I will have to think about it. My opinion changed many times during the novel.

For fans of Ruth Ware, Lisa Unger, Laura Lippman, Gilly Macmillan, and Randall Silvis.

Looking forward to the upcoming Q&A with DM to learn more!

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No One's Home


“A door creaks open. A footstep thumps on an empty floor above. A light turns on in a room left dark. In every silent room and black corner of No One’s Home, D. M. Pulley weaves threads of hypnotic suspense with the sad strands of a family lost to one another. With an elegantly restrained hand that stops mercifully shy of showcasing the unbearable, Pulley has created a contemporary intelligent thriller that can stand with the canon of the legendary Shirley Jackson.” —Amber Cowie, bestselling author of Rapid Falls

“Disturbing and creepy. D.M. Pulley does a masterful job of introducing the reader to families who, at different points in time, are forced to experience life in the same menacing house. Reminds me of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, and I loved every second of it!” —Matthew Farrell, bestselling author of What Have You Done

“HGTV meets Stephen King—creepy, spooky fun!” —Mary Doria Russell, author of The Sparrow and The Women of Copper Country

No One's Home Interview

Q&A with the Author Sept 1


About the Author

DM Pulley

D.M. Pulley lives in northeast Ohio with her husband, her two children, and a dog named Hobo. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a Professional Engineer rehabbing historic structures and conducting forensic investigations of building failures. Pulley's structural survey of a vacant building in Cleveland inspired her debut novel, The Dead Key, the winner of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Since then, Pulley has sold over a half a million books worldwide, and her work has been translated into eight different languages.

Pulley's historical mysteries shine a light into the darker side of life in the Midwest during the twentieth century, when cities like Detroit and Cleveland struggled to survive. Her latest novel, No One’s Home (due out September 1, 2019), unravels the disturbing history of an old mansion haunted by family secrets, financial ruin, and murder. The abandoned buildings, haunted houses, and buried past of the Rust Belt continue to inspire her work. Read More






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