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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

Eat Like a Woman

ISBN: 9781460328682
Publication Date: 4/1/2014
Publisher: Harlequin Nonfiction
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 5 Stars
A special thank you to Harlequin Nonfiction and NetGalley, for an ARC, in exchange for an honest review.
EAT LIKE A WOMAN was totally AMAZING! This insightful guide is much more than about eating like a woman for a healthy life, and the science behind it. If you are a woman approaching peri-menopause, smack in the middle of menopause, or post menopause – you will dive into this book, as contains a wealth of information. I so related to this book on so many levels. If you think a non-fiction book is boring, think again!
What makes this new program work for women of all ages? The understanding that women and men are different. This incredible resource is an easy-to-use program designed for women of all ages, to get healthy, lose weight, and lead a more balanced life. As we all know women are different than men---from brains to our guts, and especially OUR HORMONES. (I wish I had this book and knowledge available years ago)!
This book is like a road map, through the maze of weight gain frustration for all women with much research by highly trained professionals, with an easy to use 3-step, 3-week program.
  • Part One shares the latest science on why you should eat like a woman—hormones, brain, digestive system, and fat cells.

  • Part Two reveals the components of the EAT LIKE A WOMAN 3-week program.

  • Part Three gives you the tools to eat like a woman for life, including wonderful EAT LIKE A WOMAN, approved recipes from favorite celebrities and chefs.

  • Step 1 of EAT LIKE A WOMAN is the foundation of the program for each life stage. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan (my way), or omnivore, you will find solutions that fit with your preferred lifestyle choice.

  • Step 2 embraces the emotional health, opening the door to your unique essence of being –nurture healthy emotions and create a life in balance. (Formula for a healthy life = Balanced Mind + Body + Spirit) I totally connected with the author, and her experiences-a firm believer!

  • Step 3 supports your foundation of youth –SWEAT (Smart Women Exercise all the Time) for each life stage and tips to fuel fitness for life.

No matter what life stage you may be in, your lifestyle and genetics can determine your risk of disease, and being a woman affects susceptibility to disease and responses to dietary treatments. I loved this part, which I truly believe, with my fight against allergies, weight, hormones, and overall health.
FOOD, in fact, is the NUMBER ONE preventative weapon against disease, so reducing risk and managing disease with proper food choices through the EAT LIKE A WOMAN program can add years to a woman’s life.
On a Personal Note: My Experience: It is never too late to start, as I am currently at age 61 ½, and years ago visited a bio-identical hormone specialist here in West Palm Beach, who caterers to healthy choices and natural hormones (not synthetic), customized to fit all your levels of hormones through specific detailed testing and compounding pharmacy.
My hormone test results: I was in the minus practically across the board with hardly no hormones (some in the minus) – TOTAL IMBALANCE and in post menopause (been going through menopause since age 53). Experiencing all sorts of heart issues (heart pounding, unable to sleep with pulse rate of 125-150+ all day and night, allergy issues, high stress, high adrenaline mode, anaphylaxis, hyper- thyroid, IBS, sinus and ear infections, headaches, weight gain, lack of energy, and felt I was jumping out of my skin. (Prior to this no health issues).
At age 57 I finally made the appointment with this hormone specialist. Unfortunately, I was unable to take the topical cream prescribed as it was just too strong, as I am highly allergic and experienced anaphylaxis.
Totally frustrated, and after much online research, I began to take control of my life and began a healthy vegan diet (no meat or dairy), with no additives and preservatives, alcohol, or caffeine, and a more moderate exercise plan rather than intense running (more Pilates, strength training, yoga, walking, jogging, etc.).
With successful and satisfying results, I experienced no more allergies and heart issues, my weight dropped and energy was restored. I went back to this same doctor after three years, to see where I stood on hormone levels. She asked me what I was taking. I replied, “Nothing.”
She showed me the hormone test results in comparison to the one three years earlier. We both were stunned. I was in post-menopause, yet I now had balanced hormones across the board, and it was due to my eating habits, becoming vegan and changing my lifestyle. This was shocking as was three years older, and yet I now was experiencing a more balanced life and hormones with no more health issues.
She reiterated eating healthy vegetables, will also affect your hormone levels. So it does work, plus am able to maintain my energy, and my size 4 weight (still today). Giving up meats and dairy was also huge for me, as have a family history of cancer, heart, and high cholesterol. I take no medications and as long as I stay on my plan, it works! I was able to control my health problems without medication and now years later, still follow this plan, and will do so for life.
EAT LIKE A WOMAN program reiterates my physician’s comments. This plan will slow the aging process, and helps you understand how stress is related to health and disease, and gives you a better understanding of how hormone imbalances can cause many health problems and how they can be corrected without medication. This program is supported by the latest sex-based science embracing your unique biology and physiology.
The unique combination of genetic, hormonal, and physiological traits of women affects your susceptibility to disease and how your body responds to dietary treatments. I found the differences between men and women significant, when addressing topics of addiction, alcohol, autoimmune diseases, brain, cancer, cortisol levels, depression, digestion, drug reactions,, energy metabolism, fat cells, heart disease, hormones, immune function, IBS, migraine headaches, obesity, osteoporosis, pain, and smoking. From our genes to our hormones, to how we digest food there are substantial sex differences.
Women have four distinct life stages that are accompanied by physiological, psychological and biochemical changes, so an alteration in the daily intake of nutrients is required. These are not just words; however, facts, history (this was extremely informative), scientific and clinical research to reinforce these findings.
When it comes to heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis, women need a program which embraces each life stage in order to maintain good health and weight for life. Balance is the key to the EAT LIKE A WOMAN plan. We must weave all aspects of our life together to create overall health.
EAT LIKE A WOMAN is a “Must Read” for women of all ages and I highly recommend! From recipes, food types, tips, exercises, quizzes, your organs, to learning about neurotransmitters and emotional chemistry, this is a complete all in one book, you will not read once; however, keep on hand for ongoing reference, as you go through each life stage—to becoming a better YOU!
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