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  • Writer's pictureJudith D Collins

A Guidebook to Murder

ISBN-13: 9781601832382
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Publication date: 4/17/2014
Series:A Tourist Trap Mystery , #1
Format: eBook
My Rating: 4 Stars
In the gentle coastal town of South Cove, California, all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store--Coffee, Books, and More--open and running. So why is she caught up in the business of murder?
When Jill's elderly friend, Miss Emily, calls in a fit of pique, she already knows the city council is trying to force Emily to sell her dilapidated old house. But Emily's gumption goes for naught when she dies unexpectedly and leaves the house to Jill--along with all of her problems. . .and her enemies. Convinced her friend was murdered, Jill is finding the list of suspects longer than the list of repairs needed on the house. But Jill is determined to uncover the culprit--especially if it gets her closer to South Cove's finest, Detective Greg King.
Problem is, the killer knows she's on the case--and is determined to close the book on Jill permanently.

My Review

A special thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
A wonderful book and series to curl up with on a rainy afternoon. A light and entertaining read--Think small business, quaint town, shops, espresso, bookstore, cafe, coffee, galleries, inns, and a good cozy mystery which “Guidebook to Murder” offered -full of loveable (and not so likeable) characters and friends in this small South Cove, CA tourist town.Jill, a former lawyer has inherited Miss Emily’s house (she befriended her years ago), and of course the city wants to tear down the house for a new condo real estate development.
With other things in mind and begins her fight with small town politics and meets many obstacles, and of course Emily’s family, the mayor, real estate developers, attorneys, threats, and now faced with the circumstances which surround Miss Emily’s death and secrets, and then then her best friend goes missing. As the mystery unfolds (who did it), many possible suspects and secrets to keep you turning the pages. My only input would be more background of Miss Emily and her past, as I agree with some of the other reviewers. Loved the main character, Jill at times, however other times not, as she was back and forth as a door mat.
She owns the quaint Coffee, Books and More, along the coastal Pacific, after having moved from a larger city after her divorce, interacting with many tourists while they are in the area – life is good until she inherits the home of her old friend and Detective Greg (possible love affair)?, gets involved – mystery begins . .
If you like cozy books, bookstores, small towns, and a light mystery, this book is for you; however, if you are a serious thriller mystery lover, it might not be your cup of tea. The front cover was a nice draw and appealing if you are a book lover.
My first book by this author--definitely look forward to reading the next book “Mission to Murder#2 in series “A Tourist Trap Mystery.” (sneak preview at the end – with mentions of Aunt Jackie, Sadie, Greg, Craig, The Castle, a mystery writer, fortune teller, a B&B and of course a murder mystery–something to look forward to-coming summer 2014)!





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